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5 Ways to Do The Affordable Sustainable Fashion Thing Like a Boss

A while ago I wrote an article on easy to apply sustainable fashion principles. And while more people are looking into this subject, I know it also comes with many concerns. One of them being actually finding affordable sustainable fashion!

Which is why I wanted to tackle this subject today. So if you’re really into the idea of shopping more ethically, but are not quite sure how it can fit in with your budget, then just keep on reading:

Know Your Affordable Sustainable Brands

There’s a widely circulated idea that ethically produced fashion is automatically expensive. But there are also sustainable fashion brands that make items in more affordable ranges (think beautiful products under €50).

You just need to spend some time searching for them-either online or in your own city.

Orrrrr… even better?

Find a ready-made list! To help you out, below I added a few of my favorite ethical brands that deliver internationally:

Best Affordable Sustainable Fashion Brands.jpg

Target the sales of higher priced range brands

Now, I know I just said there are plenty of affordable, sustainable and stylish brands out there. But it’s just as true there are many fashion creators and brands that come out with high-priced, absolutely drool-worthy pieces.

So, what to do?

Reformation jeans fit..jpg

Why, wait for the sales period to hit, of course!

I know, it’s not rocket science, right?

But I know also a lot of times when sales hit, the first impulse may be to reach for the super-trendy, discounted items.

Quality, craftsmanship or ethics aside…

What I would recommend instead is using your sales shopping budget only for high-quality pieces.

You know which ones:

The garments normally outside your normal price range, but oh, so beautiful and well-made.


Case in point: these gorgeous, high-waisted, retro design jeans from Reformation.

Reformation jeans.jpg

Their initial price of €150 made me swallow hard.

And as much as I liked them, I wasn’t yet willing to shell out the cash for them.

But when they went on sale, I grabbed them for €45 and never looked back!

I’ve already lost track of how many times I’ve worn them in the past 2 months since I bought them.


And I think that says something for a girl who normally lives in skirts and dresses 😉

Visit vintage/thrift/second hand shops

Now I’ve touched on vintage shopping before when it comes to sustainable fashion consumption. And if you’re a regular here, you know I consider it one of the best sources for building a stylish wardrobe.

Particularly if your tastes veer more towards timeless styles that you can give a fresh twist to!

top amsterdam vintage shops

A few Amsterdam faves: Episode, Laura Dols, Nic Nic, and the vintage fairs at De Hallen

And when it comes to buying sustainable fashion on a budget, thrifting may just be what you were missing. These items have already been created, so you’re not encouraging extra production. Plus, you’re giving a hidden, forgotten gem a loving new home.

And you may even be lucky enough to catch a designer item in good condition!

Vintage glam 40's dress..jpg

To sum it up, some well-chosen vintage pieces can really make your outfits shine like nothing else!

Swap with your friends

And to my previous point, you don’t necessarily have to hit the flea markets if you don’t feel like it. Sometimes, you just want nice new clothes that you’re not bored it, without having to take the time to go who knows where to get them.

Totally get it!

And I also know we all have at least one friend whose wardrobe and style we admire. So  why not gather your friends and organize a clothes swap?

This way, you’re still getting new items in your wardrobe. And you can pretty much bet they are going to be really good additions.

fashion swap party with friends
If you want to go the extra mile, package what you bring to the party in something pretty!

Swap parties can be particularly constructive when you’re looking to reduce the size of your closet. And if you want to minimize your own, try to stick to the one-in, one-out rule! Which means don’t bring back more than you brought to the party.

And who knows? You may just get a couple of those fabulous pieces you’re always complimenting your friend for. And they might just get the same! Win-win.

If swap parties are your thing, organize one with your coworkers next time. We tried it at my workplace, and it went great!

It’s also where I also nabbed this pretty, powder blue top, which I love to bits. It’s a good way of having fun with your teammates, and of encouraging conscious fashion choices in your community.

Care for your sustainable fashion items

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

Care, care, care for your clothes!

affordable fashion care
And not only for your clothes, but all your buys, in fact.

That is, if you want that beautifully crafted piece (that may have cost more than your average shopping allowance) to last for many wears and many years.

Also, when you start looking at sustainability as a whole, in a circular manner, then you quickly understand that it doesn’t end or begin at just buying garments that were ethically produced.

It’s a whole mindset!

It implies changing how we, as consumers, view and implement how we are consuming fashion. And it also refers to what we do with our items once we do own them.

If you’re looking for more specific best practices per each fabric, make sure to enlist yourself as a member of The Style Club. Then you can receive my free fabric care printable and get the most stylish updates directly in your Inbox!

I hope this article has helped you, if you’re looking for more affordable sustainable fashion options! And as always I’m really curious to hear if you have any tips of your own 🙂

Oh, and if you haven’t by now, make sure to learn more about You and Your Personal Style! This 5 lesson video course is built to help you gain the confidence of expressing your inner world to the outer one through your personal style.

So for you beauty & fashion lovers out here who want to develop, refresh or be further inspired in your style, I’d say it’s a MUST!

You and Your Personal Style

Thanks for reading, and until we meet here again, have a fabulous time! xoxo

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