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5 Reasons to Love the Fit and Flare Dress

Spring time: fizzy lemonades on terraces, blossoming cherry and magnolia trees, andย  breezy dresses on every corner. Nothing spells spring like that first day you bare your legs in a sunny number, and there’s none better than a romantic fit and flare dress!

And here’s why you may want to grab yourself one of these dresses too:

5 Reasons to Love the Fit and Flare Dress

They are charmingly feminine

The fit and flare dress has an air of timeless elegance, and an easy grace to it.

It is flirty and tasteful, coquettish and stylish all at once. If you’re looking for a strikingly beautiful, yet understated look, the flared dress is for you.

5 Reasons to Love the Fit and Flare Dress
Feeling like an Old Hollywood diva on these steps

They never go out of style

Speaking of timeless elegance, your flared dress will be a trusty companion. It will look just as good now as it will in 10 years, because this silhouette simply doesn’t age.

And it looks just as suitable on a teenager, as it does on a 40 or 50 year old. Just adjust the fabrics, colours and prints to suit you!

5 Reasons to Love the Fit and Flare Dress
How can a sunny yellow sundress not put a smile on your face?

They can go from work to playย in a heartbeat.

A fit and flare knee length dress is demure enough for the office- especially paired with a crisp, tailored blazer. For after hours, you can just let the dress shine on its own, and add some bold accessories. At least that’s what I did!

nude pumps with yellow dress
A flared dress with nude heels can be your go-to summer time office look

They’re perfect for warm weather

When the degrees go up and up, you don’t want any clingy, tight or synthetic clothes suffocating you.

A fit and flare dress will move with you, dancing and swirling around your legs. It’s breezy in both look and feel, and allows you to run around- or cycle around- the city comfortably and stylishly.

5 Reasons to Love the Fit and Flare Dress

They flatter any body shape

A while ago, I was singing the praises of circle skirts. And fit and flare dresses fall in the same category- clothes that look good on everyone! Just remember a few tips:

5 Reasons to Love the Fit and Flare Dress

If you want to accentuate your middle, make sure to pick a dress that cinches right at your natural waist. Otherwise, go with a slightly higher waistline- it will glide right over your stomach (also great for pregnant women), and elongate your legs in the process.

And if you’re happy with showing off your legs, go for a shorter hem that hits mid thigh- think skater dress. Otherwise, opt for a knee or midi length and enjoy the lovely, classic look. You can’t go wrong with this cut that hugs your bust and flows over your hips.

5 Reasons to Love the Fit and Flare Dress

I hope that by the end of this post, you are truly a fan of fit and flare dresses. I’d love to hear if you have them in your wardrobes already, and how you wear them for spring and summer!

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