Step Into Your Authentic Style with Silvia Cosma

Salut! I’m Silvia: Style Coach and Personal Style Content Creator!

Based on my lifelong study and love of fashion, beauty, art, growth and all things soul-enriching, I created my personal style blog, MyStyle5, in 2017.

And because I loved working at it, but I felt a deeper desire to serve women in an even more transformative way, in 2020 I created my personal style course, You and Your Personal Style- and launched my Style Coaching career!

Because I want to give you the tools to create and live your best, most confident and empowered life too!

On your own terms.

With the help of your personal style, not despite it.

And with the right Coach by your side ❤

Are you excited to learn how to tell your own unique story through your personal style?


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Are you excited to go from Style Starter to Style Storyteller?

Then you can go about it two ways:

The Style Coaching Route, or the DIY Route!

Discover the best one
for you

Are you passionate about fashion, and dream of taking your personal styling game next level?

Then You and Your Personal Style is built for you!

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