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    My Best 5 Tips for Finding Your Best Jeans Next Time You’re Shopping for Denim

    You know those cold, foggy Monday mornings, when you hardly want to get out of bed? Nestled underneath your blankets, the soothing gurgle of your coffee brewer in the background… The mornings when you don’t want to put too much thought in your outfit, but still want to look good. The mornings when you need to be able to count on some tried and true wardrobe basics. And no basics are more tried and true than your best jeans! Those…

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    5 Ways to Do The Affordable Sustainable Fashion Thing Like a Boss

    A while ago I wrote an article on easy to applyย sustainable fashion principles. And while more people are looking into this subject, I know it also comes with many concerns. One of them being actually finding affordable sustainable fashion! Which is why I wanted to tackle this subject today. So if you’re really into the idea of shopping more ethically, but are not quite sure how it can fit in with your budget, then just keep on reading: Know Your…

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    Fall Lookbook: 5 Outfit Ideas to Inspire Your Stylish Autumn Wardrobe

    With the autumn weather moving in on this year’s summer, we’re also moving from breezy and light OOTD’s to more fall appropriate ones. So I put together today’s fall lookbook, to help you build your stylish wardrobe for the upcoming months: The Dinner Date I’ll make a little confession here: I’m a huge fan of high neck sweaters, especially black ones. I find them refined and sensual all at once. Which makes one the perfect foundation for a romantic beginning…

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    Best Colors for Redheads: My Top 5 Absolute Favorite Recommendations!

    I’ll be starting today’s post with a question to you fabulous gals: Have you everย felt a bit lost in front of your wardrobe after a major hair color change? Hand hovering over the hangers, wondering which hues still flatter you, what makeup, which accessories? I can tell you my answer to this question is a big, resounding YES!ย  As a natural brunette, I had only a theoretical idea about what the best colors for redheads were, when I starting going…

  • 5 Reasons To Buy Local While Travelling
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    5 Reasons To Buy Local While Travelling

    Last week I put together a small travel capsule wardrobe based on our Italian holiday,ย  so today I thought I’d stay on the subject of trips! But this time I wanted to approach it in the context of shopping while travelling, and share my reasons to buy local. Before I tell you my views though, I’m curious to know what you think about shopping on vacation. Do you plan ahead, reading up on what the area is famous for, and…