You and Your Personal Style

Assured self-expression. Confidence. A deeper appreciation of your appearance. Extra time to yourself. Added value to your daily life. Getting to fully know, own and embrace your personal style can bring you all of these. And then some!

You and Your Personal Style

Because your personal style is an amazing means of translating your personality- your inner world- outwardly.

And it is just this power that can make assuming it a bit intimidating.


The Problem!

Since we’re all busy and hurried, and don’t exactly have a dedicated personal stylist handy at all times, actually getting there can very easily veer daunting.

And I know, I’ve been there too! Feeling at times lost or frustrated in the process of trying to find my style. Spending too much time and money, and still not feeling 100% happy with the results…

…So, based on what I’ve learned, accumulated, curated and experimented with over the years, I wanted to give you an online stylist at your fingertips!

This way, you can bypass that same lost time, energy (and money!) and make your own style journey easier.


The Solution!

You and Your Personal Style

You and Your Personal Style Cover

A 5 lesson course you can take in a book, e-book and video Course Pack!

So you can learn however you prefer, whenever and wherever- watch & listen, read and underline, at home or on the go.

This course is dedicated to helping you hone your personal styling skills with confidence, by gaining:

  1. The knowledge to measure, identify and flatter your body’s vertical and horizontal proportions, as well as your facial shape and features
  2. The ability to identify the most complimenting hues for your skin, eye and hair color combination, to pair colours, and to continue wearing ones that don’t enhance your complexion.
  3. The tools to declutter and transform your closet into your ideal, functional and beautiful wardrobe. For good!
  4. The skill of selecting only the most valuable sources of style inspiration for you, individually + a small library of already curated sources, as a starting point!
  5. The style vocabulary and sartorial understanding that comes from successfully deconstructing, analyzing and understanding the major personal style typologies, and which helps you build your own, unique definition of personal style.


5 actionable steps.

Easy enough to break down?


But also comprehensive enough to help you gain the confidence in expressing yourself through your personal style?


And to show you how much I trust that it can help you get to where you want to be with your personal style,

I made the Intro AND the First Lesson completely free to watch:

Yup! And that’s how they will stay.

Because if you are indeed looking to discover, adjust, elevate, inspire and hone your personal style, I know that you will NEED the rest of those lessons in your life too 🙂

So, Is This Course For You?

I strongly feel that discovering your personal style is not a punctual event, but a lifelong journey and evolution. Which means this course is for you, whether you are:

*A style novice, looking to truly clarify the way you see yourself and your style, maybe for the first time ever.

*An always on trend fashionista looking to pinpoint the style that truly speaks to you, but not knowing where to start.

*An already knowledgeable fashion lover, entering a new chapter of your life- a career switch, motherhood, retirement- and not finding yourself in your style anymore.

*A seasoned style lover, who just needs some extra inspiration for her otherwise well-disciplined wardrobe.

*A lover and life-long student of style, fashion, beauty, self-growth and all things soul-enriching. (Hi there, know that you have e-met a fellow enthusiast!)


If that’s you, get your Course Pack here!

And begin the journey to feeling more empowered, confident and at ease in your skin- and in your clothes!




Use of this course:

This course provides you with a framework for understanding, defining and levelling up your own personal style. However, the only person who holds the key to your transformation if you, by thoroughly reading, watching and implementing the information in the course.

As I know that implementation is usually the hardest part of any life transformation, I am inviting you to take advantage of all my knowledge and abilities to create a personalized plan for your own style journey, through my Style Coaching services.
If you want to explore how realigning your inner sense of self with your outer personal style expression can help you live your best, most confident life daily, book your free 1-on-1 call with me here!

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  • Isilsu

    I was having trouble finding out my skin undertone and colors that fit me. Silvia was very professional and helpful. She prepared an extensive personalized portfolio with all the details. I am more mindful and comfortable with my clothing choices now.

    • silviacosma

      Thank you, Isilsu! It was lovely meeting you and working together on pinning down your best colours- and I couldn’t be happier that the portfolio is being put to good use 🙂

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