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Wearing Pearls in 2019: 5 New, Eye-Catching Options for Accessorizing Your Outfits

Pearls are seen as one of the classiest and more classic pieces in a woman’s jewelry box.  And indeed, you can rarely go wrong with them. Wearing pearls is meant to give any woman a sense of graceful elegance.

But still…

Outside of really special events (or maybe not even then), how many of you reading this actually reach for your pearls?

And I bet I know why:

5 fresh ways to wear pearls.jpg

As beautiful and dainty as they are, they can also impart a slightly antiquated effect. Pearls can be enough to turn a modern fashion look into a modern rendition of Miss Havisham.

But luckily, wearing pearls in 2019 doesn’t need to be boring or cringeworthy. Because they are making a comeback- I’m sure you’ve noticed them too! Popping up here, there and everywhere- appearing on the catwalk as well as on the high street.

So I thought for today I’d round up my top 5 fresh, stand-out ways of accessorizing with pearls! Hope you get some new ideas from this post, let me know in the comments which ones you liked:

Repurpose a precious necklace


Often given to young ladies for milestone birthdays or graduations, a pearl necklace expresses growth, maturity, refinement. But as we truly grow into ourselves, we may find the traditional way of wearing that necklace a bit too confining.

Just picture this: a classic black shift dress, black pumps, plus a strand of pearls around your neck-and neatly coiffed hair. A nice and safe option for any event, certainly. But how about going for scintillating, instead of settling for plain “okay”? 

How would you go about kicking this look up a notch? 


My example here: Take the necklace off your neck and tie it around your wrist! Wearing it as a bracelet is not an earth-shattering change, sure. But it will draw attention.

Especially considering that a necklaces will often be made with different sized pearls, which makes it extra interesting as a faux-bracelet! 

And if you want something more, you can also wear it as hair decoration, secured with pins. Or, if it’s a very long necklace, you can turn it backwards, letting the pearls adorn your back. This will of course, work best on a dress/top with a very plunging back.

Decorate your ponytail with pearls

Now once you’ve successfully repurposed your necklace, I can imagine you’re avidly searching for other pieces to put to good (i.e double) use.

Enter: your pearl bracelet!


Granted, a pearl cuff will work best here. And how you can repurpose it is for decorating a low ponytail-pretty much the same way you would a metallic cuff hair tie (that have been so on trend lately).

But if you don’t have a pearl cuff, 3-4 strands next to each other will work in a pinch.

And a little tip:

If you’re going to be dancing the night away, moving a lot or battling strong wind, make sure you use an elastic hairtie first, to secure your hair. This will guarantee your ponytail stays sleek and chic, which a rigid bracelet could not ensure by itself.

Pin a pearl brooch to your purse clasp

Another unexpected spot you can decorate with pearls is your purse clasp or zipper. Normally an unassuming part of any bag, this is the perfect spot to add a little extra excitement to!

I chose to do it by pinning a brooch to the zipper’s pull tab- a brooch large and decorative enough to draw attention. And suddenly, what would be just a dull piece of hardware-necessary but unimpressive-became 100 times more interesting!


And I encourage you to do the same. Take this empty canvas and let your imagination run wild! And not necessarily with a brooch-you can also glue pearls to the zipper tab until you completely cover it-a very glam fitting, right?


Throw pearls at your feet

Or just about the next best thing, which is adding a pair of pearl studded pumps, or pearl booties to your wardrobe. Although there are plenty of options out there, I still don’t see many women wearing pearl decorated footwear on the streets.

And you know what?

I think we should really give it a chance! Pearls are such a beautiful and regal means for decorating your feet-and a great way to draw attention to your legs, if that’s something you want to do.


To me, pearl booties offer the perfect accent for a look. And it’s one that may not get noticed by everyone, but people with an eye for the beautiful will certainly appreciate it.

Plus, if you think about it:

Aren’t you the person you would first be looking to impress with your fashion sense? You’re the one who should delight most in your own ludic sense of style- because that’s what fashion is all about! It’s having fun, experimenting and enjoying yourself.

Go for a twist on the classic pearl earrings

Another great way of looking current when wearing pearls is opting for quirky, novel models. Big ones, oddly shaped, or otherwise set in unusual ways will draw attention- and offset the classic idea of pearls!


I really think the best way to reinterpret pearls in a modern key is by playing around with them. Don’t be afraid to break the mold (literally even), and play with mismatched earrings in assymetrical designs.

The best part?

You can go as big or as subtle as you want! Chandelier earrings or studs. Baroque or minimal. Vintage or modern- the choice is yours. The unusual shape and design of the pearls will be enough to draw attention and make a subtle but definite statement.

Of course, you don’t need to incorporate all 5 options for wearing pearls into one outfit, as I did here. But you may notice though, that I only accessorized with pearls for this particular look.

And this is my personal preference and recommendation:

If you want to make a statement with pearls, wear only pearls. Leave the other colourful stones, crystals and statement pieces at home. This will allow them to shine on their own, and you to pile on a few more strands!


Now I’m curious to hear from you: what do you think of these updated, 2019 ready options for wearing pearls? Are you excited to give them a chance? Or do they still conjure dépassé images of powdered little old ladies?

Spill the beans (or the pearls) in the comments!

Photos by Natalia Bylok, edited by me

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