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Travel Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration: My 5 Most Reached For, Chic & Versatile Pieces From Our Southern Italy Holiday

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you probably know we recently went on holiday through Southern Italy. Naples, Capri and Costa Amalfi were all on our itinerary-each more beautiful than the next.

With Capri taking the cake tbh- I mean…

capri island italy.jpg

So I’m sure you can understand my excitement of prepping for these wonderful places. But while I normally do a great job at packing for travel (if I do say so myself), this time the pieces I brought were a major HIT or MISS!

Wondering why?

As it turns out, I was too cautious with the weather! While May can be chilly, June was already blazing hot. Which made my “just in case” long sleeve shirts and boyfriend jeans irrelevant! (To think, I could have used that space to bring home more limoncello…)

So having learned my lesson, I put together this little travel capsule wardrobe, listing my top 5 most worn pieces from our holiday.

Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what’s best to bring along when going there (or to a similar area) in full summer!

travel capsule wardrobe for southern italy.jpg

Btw, as a little disclaimer before we begin:

For this post, I only included pics that we took for ourselves. We didn’t stage a photoshoot, I didn’t prep with my most high-performing camera or anything like that. I wanted to relax and just enjoy our time there; because after all, that’s what that whole holiday feeling is about.

So I hope this is what comes across to you too, and that you like this more personal approach-even though the pics may not be polished to perfection ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me know in the comments!

White crop top

summer capri holiday outfit

Like with other Mediterranean areas, white rules supreme in Southern Italy-both in architecture and in fashion.

And when it comes to beating the heat, there’s nothing like a white crop top to keep you looking stylish&cool!

Especially when you can get away with not wearing a bra! Particularly important when you’re out and about for a whole day, in blazing heat.

I’ve sung the praises of this tiny top before, but the fact that I wore it over and over again on this holiday speaks volumes.

Now of course, if you’re not partial to white, you can substitute for another hue. But I’d still go with lighter colours, which absorb less heat.

And whether it’s a bit longer or shorter (again, depending on taste), a crop top is a sure winner with high waisted paper bag shorts or flowy, A-line skirts!

Striped midi skirt


No travel capsule wardrobe is complete without a midi skirt in my opinion. And not just because they’ve been super on trend lately!

But because they are truly easy to wear in multiple combinations. Like with the above mentioned cropped top, for one!

Plus, they can outlast a variety of temperature changes, and protect your knees from sunburns. Which, let’s face it- can dampen your holiday mood pretty fast!

Now when it comes to length, colour or pattern, there are plenty of models on the market for all of us to shop from.

My choice here is a straight, navy and white striped number from Part Two, a Danish store, which I picked up last time I went to Copenhagen.

I feel like it has very much the chic mariniรจre look and feel, thanks to the colours. Not to mention the lengthening effect of the vertical stripes, which I for one am quite happy with. Plus, it’s tied to some pretty sweet memories of my visit there, and makes for a good way to support local businesses.

Colourful embroidered bag

And speaking of supporting local businesses, I was quite happy to exchange my small black purse-which, as cute as it may be, does not really scream summer-with a more cheerful bag I bought from La Martina in Capri.

This Italian store produces very high quality accessories and apparel for polo, including also lifestyle pieces. As you may know, Italy in general is famous for leather goods with an amazing price-quality ratio.

So of course, I had to go for the most colourful embroidered purse my eyes fell on!

embroidered bag cute holiday look

Because every time I look at it, I’m immediately taken back to azure waters, Bougainvillea covered white walls, and the smell of oranges and lemons ripening under the sun…

Now as small as this bag may seem, it fit my phone, wallet, keys and lipstick perfectly. And really now, what more do you need on holiday?crop-top-shorts-look-holiday.jpg

It successfully accompanied me on our trips around the island, as well as during our visit to Ercolaneo. The crossbody strap was extremely useful, especially with my hands being busy with photos and gelato.

And while you can wear a purse like this one with casual outfits for day, it would look absolutely great with a more elegant outfit for evening.

Just picture it with a white lace dress, comfy heeled sandals and a playful scarf around your chignon. Just add sunglasses and a touch of lipstick and you are the definition of Italian glamour!

A straw sunhat

Another accessory which I find vital when on holiday in a sunny location is a good straw hat. This summer, huge floppy ones are the trend du jour. But I would venture to say a classic, medium-brimmed one will stand the test of time.

Of course, if it has a pretty bow around it, even better! And if not, you can always tie one yourself, for a more personal touch.

straw hat holiday luggage.jpg

And make no mistake:

chic summer oots straw hat

Hats in Southern Italy are hardly optional! Epecially if you’re there visiting, hopping on and off ferries, or walking among long lost Roman ruins the whole day.

So be sure to add one to your travel capsule wardrobe for this part of the world.

Now for those of you who may need a little extra convincing when it comes to wearing a hat,ย  I’ve written about selecting the best oneย for yourself individually, so that you actually enjoy wearing it.

It’s the smartest way to protect yourself against the merciless sun- so why not make it fashionable and fun too?

A dress that pops!

thumbnail (5).jpg

If you know me, then you know I absolutely love dresses! They’re versatile, lightweight, and save you from having to make numerous decisions when getting dresses. Which also makes them absolutely perfect holiday attire imo!

So my Italy suitcase included a few dresses, of course-which were absolutely salutary considering the heat. A midi, a LWD and this bubbly chartreuse number!ย 64275191_676078699505122_7411718680662245376_n

It may have been the exotic landscape, or maybe my skin getting gradually more tanned and glowing, but I felt like this dress was perfect in this scenery.

Plus, I picked up this cute little vintage number in Milan during our previous visit to Italy-so it seemed only fitting to take this baby for a visit back home.

Now of course, if green is not your colour, you can go a different route. After all, there are so many gorgeous, incandescent hues for summer: from poppy red to blazing orange, to banana yellow or fuchsia pink to try on!

And all in all, a punchy dress in a classic fit and a lightweight fabric is a definite favorite for a sunny, exotic holiday in my book! Don’t you agree?

I hope you enjoyed going down this sartorial memory lane through Southern Italy with me! And maybe, if you’re planning a trip through these absolutely gorgeous lands, my top 5 most reached for pieces will give you a helping hand while packing.

After all, it’s better to bring less items that you wear more, than the other way around!

And in case any of these specific pieces caught your eye, I listed some similar ones below, to help you jump start your own travel capsule wardrobe for an exotic destination.

Please know that if you make a purchase off this widget, I will be getting a small commission, which goes towards this blog. So, thanks for supporting it!


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