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The Perfect Skirt for Your Body Type: 5 Amazing Skirts for 5 Beautiful Shapes

Let’s talk about skirts, baby! Whether you enjoy a romantic look, or a more modern and sleek one, the right skirt can help you pull together a flattering outfit. But do you know which skirt is the perfect skirt for your body type?

Now I (obviously) don’t have all 5 different body types. But I am enough of a skirt hoarder (and fashion lover) to know how each and every one of them can work for you. So I will do my best to exemplify through my skirt collection:

The Perfect Skirt for Your Body Type

Hourglass-pencil skirt

It’s very often recommended that hourglass shaped ladies wear pencil skirts.

And for very good reason!

A pencil skirt will hug your hips, legs and knees, stopping right where the legs thin out. Something further accentuated by choosing a mid-or better yet-a high waist. This way, it will really highlight your harmonious silhouette.

This being said, though:

Do keep in mind that thanks to your great proportions, you can wear really any type of skirt out there. Just make sure to always keep your upper and lower body parts balanced for the most aesthetic result.

petite pencil skirt

So, the flouncier the skirt, the more relaxed and voluminous the top should be, and viceversa.

BUT always, always, always with a cinched in, well defined waist.

It’s what  will keep you looking like an hourglass instead of a box, regardless of the rest of your garments.

Triangle– circle skirt

Big, ample, rich skirts are triangle shaped women’s playground!

You will always easily recognize a circle skirt, because it cinches the waist and then flows away from the abdomen, hips and legs as it goes down. So it’s easy to see how circle skirts punctuate your best assets as a triangle shape.

The Perfect Skirt for Your Body Type

Great choices for you if you’re happy with your gams are also pencil skirts (hello, diminutive waist!)

High waisted wrap skirts are also beautiful on you-especially asymmetric ones. As are A-line skirts; eecially ones made of heavier fabrics that don’t add any extra volume to the lower half of your body.

Reverse triangle-A line or bubble skirts

I think nothing looks best on reverse triangle shaped ladies than a well made ballerina or bubble skirt. Especially if they’re made of a stiff fabric!

These types of skirts will add volume to your lower half to balance the top, and will help you define your waist.

My recommendation is to go for lighter colours as well, that make the area you wear them on optically larger. You can also opt for darker colours on your top half, if you want to make it look less prominent.

The Perfect Skirt for Your Body Type

My other suggestions for you are peplum skirts, especially if you have a bit more of a tummy and a bit less of a booty.

Architectural skirts with all sorts of ruffles, 3D forms and geometrycal structures added to them are also something to reach for. These will all help balance out a heavier top side.

Rectangle-Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts can add volume and dimension to rectangle shaped gals, softening the silhouette. This is especially true if the fabric is rigid and makes the skirt pouf out.

Mine here is made of a softer fabric and in a darker hue, to help the skirt flow, and to flatter my very non-rectangle shape. But the principle remains.

In order to balance the pleats on the bottom, rectangle shaped women can also add a voluminous top that tapers at the waist. You can also go with a very embellished one-again like the one in the picture below.

pleated skirt

Other great choices for you can be pencil skirts, which highlight your petite frame, and even circle skirts, to give the illusion of extra curves.

Oval-wrap skirts

A wrap skirt with a front leg split will allow you to show your long, slim pins (which oval shaped ladies often have).

This allows you to keep the attention on one of your most beautiful features. A thicker, stiffer fabric will also keep your silhouette more structured compared to flimsier fabrics. And it can help shape and define a thicker midriff.

leg split suede skirt

I chose a skirt that hits at my natural waist.

However, oval shaped ladies:

Your thinnest point might be under your bust rather than at your mid! So go for a higher waist skirt that ends there.

Add to it a flowy top that ends no lower than your hip bone, preferably in a dark shade, which will gloss over any lumps and bumps. It visually creates a waist where there might be none, and keeps your whole silhouette streamlined.

tops to wear with skirts

Ok, skirt lovers, now I’m giving the floor to you! Have you found your perfect skirt yet? Did you choose it based on your body type, or based on other things like comfort, price/quality ratio, suggestions from a friend?

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P.P.S: are you still a bit wary of putting skirts on rotation in your daily looks? Let me give you a hand with this gorgeous selection below!

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