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The Internet Made Me Buy It! 5 Products I’m Loving Thanks to BuzzFeed

Remember the days when we got all of our information on trends and beauty recommendations from magazines? Now it seems like the Internet has taken over that role, with websites and blogs brimming with reviews and opinions over the latest and greatest items we should get our hands on!

One of the busiest reviews sites?

It has to be BuzzFeed, hands-down. And as an avid  reader myself, I can’t help but devour their reader-vetted recommendations. So here’s what I tried out and loved from their list of beauty product suggestions & stylish fashion picks:

The Internet Made Me Buy It! 5 Products I'm Loving Thanks to BuzzFeed

Please note that links marked with an * are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase the product through them, I’ll make a small commission (at no extra cost to you, ofc!) This way, I can keep scouring the market for the best picks to share with you!

Indian Healing Clay*

This clay mask has been touted as a total game changer for our beauty routines, with even the box claiming it’s the “World’s Most Powerful Facial”. So naturally, I was curious to test it out myself and see how accurate the reviews actually are.

And the conclusion?


For my particular complexion, they are absolutely bang on! The mask managed to zap a couple of deep, stubborn pimples in one application, which left me extremely impressed.

I was honestly expecting your run-of-the-mill clay mask; but this one is actually extremely potent. So much so, that if you have sensitive skin, they recommend you leave it on for less time.

Which actually made sense, after it left even my non-sensitive skin reddish and hot!

The redness does subside quickly though, so don’t let it scare you off! But I would recommend that you do the treatment in the evening, before going to bed. This way, you allow your skin to rest.

Oh, and pro tip!

Definitely follow up with a light moisturizing cream or serum.

Mane & Tail Shampoo* & Conditioner* Set

Well, yeah- this is technically horse shampoo (and conditioner). But

Show of hands here!

Who else has ever sighed at the sight of a Friesian’s luscious mane and wondered “Just… how does that horse have better hair than I do???”

I know I can’t be the only one.

The Internet Made Me Buy It! 5 Products I'm Loving Thanks to BuzzFeed

So when I saw this duo on BuzzFeed’s beauty product recommendations, I decided to get over any weirdness I may have felt and buy them.

And it was…

The best thing I’ve done for my hair in a while!

The conditioner itself is quite good, but the shampoo is the clear winner in my book! It gives my hair an insane amount of volume with each use, and it even encouraged some of the natural curls back into my colour processed locks.

Enough so that I don’t feel jelly anymore at the sight of a rich equine mane!

The Internet Made Me Buy It! 5 Products I'm Loving Thanks to BuzzFeed

ModCloth Study Buddies Oxford Flat in Black by Bettie Page ModCloth*

I think that every pair of shoes that

a) looks good, and

b) gives you awesome comfort

is pretty much #goals. And these ModCloth oxfords fit the bill perfectly!

They scream 50’s Americana, from the cream & black upper to the frilly footbed- by the way, how cute is a floral sockliner? So for all you vintage fans who don’t really feel like buying actual vintage shoes, these would be a great choice!

Wear them with everything from preppy circle skirts & polo T-shirts, to romantic lace dresses, to denim shorts & light sweaters when summer turns to fall. They’re that versatile!

The Internet Made Me Buy It! 5 Products I'm Loving Thanks to BuzzFeed

Only one thing to note:

ModCloth have stopped website access & delivery to European visitors for the moment, due to GDPR. Which is why I’ve also linked them here from, for my commiserating readers from the old continent.

Purederm Collagen Eye Zone Mask Pad Patches

Korean beauty fans, you may want to pay attention!

These disposable under eye collagen sheet masks come highly recommended by Amazon users, and for good reason. They are refreshing, moisturizing, and packed with collagen, vitamin E & green tea extract for anti-ageing effects!

Plus, they make you look like a cute grandma while wearing them 🙂

I’ve been using them once a day in the evenings, when I feel like my peepers need a breather- and I can say that the under-eye skin is certainly more hydrated and plump afterwards. I can’t say I’ve seen an improvement in my dark circles, but then again, I have yet to find something that helps dramatically with them.

Any suggestions?

purederm collagen eye patches review mystyle5

PurSteam Fabric Steamer

This is technically neither a beauty, nor a fashion purchase- unless you count the fact that it makes all of my clothes look 100 times better quickly and effortlessly! This tiny steamer is mightier than it seems, and has become my trusty ally when I don’t feel like ironing the laundry (so basically, every day).

Internet-made-me-buy-it amazon clothes steamer

It’s really easy to use and to carry around since it’s so small, but be careful not to steam your fingers together with the fabric creases! Otherwise, enjoy a wrinkle-free wardrobe without the hassle of an ironing board and clunky iron.

So there you have it!

The 5 fashion & beauty items that BuzzFeed made me shell out the bucks (ok, euros) for. What have you guys bought at the Internet’s suggestion and absolutely loved? Anything you’d recommend we try as well?

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