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    The Perfect Skirt for Your Body Type: 5 Amazing Skirts for 5 Beautiful Shapes

    Let’s talk about skirts, baby! Whether you enjoy a romantic look, or a more modern and sleek one, the right skirt can help you pull together a flattering outfit. But do you know which skirt is theย perfect skirt for your body type? Now I (obviously) don’t have all 5 different body types. But I am enough of a skirt hoarder (and fashion lover) to know how each and every one of them can work for you. So I will do…

  • 5 Tips for Finding Your perfect High Heels

    5 Tips for Finding Your Perfect High Heels

    As a major high heels hoarder, I've had my fair share of really great, comfortable and good looking shoes, as well as onesย that made me want to chop my feet off after about half an hour. If you're looking to get yourself a great pair that will carry you through many parties, weddings and formal events, there are some things to consider that will make your search easier.