• Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration

    Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

    If you have big plans tonight, and need a little Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration, look no further! I have 5 options that might just be just what you need. Whether you’re dressing forย a romantic dinner date, a glitzy cocktail partyย or a girly outing with your friends, there’s something there for you. And best of all, each lookย features a beautiful option for wearing a brooch. I feel they really give any outfit a feminine touch and take it to the next…

  • 5 Tips for Finding Your perfect High Heels

    5 Tips for Finding Your Perfect High Heels

    As a major high heels hoarder, I've had my fair share of really great, comfortable and good looking shoes, as well as onesย that made me want to chop my feet off after about half an hour. If you're looking to get yourself a great pair that will carry you through many parties, weddings and formal events, there are some things to consider that will make your search easier.