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    Best 5 Bridal Accessories for the Offbeat Bride

    So you can imagine how excited I was to be able to collaborate with Kata Banko Couture, a brand rooted in deep family connections (the name comes from the owner's grandma), which produces whimsical accessories that match my bridal style to a T. Chic, sophisticated and original, their headpieces and sashes can be worn by brides, bridal parties and guests alike.

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    Fashion Dictionary: A Romanian to English Guide (Tongue in Cheek)

    Writing a style blog in English as a native Romanian speaker is certainly fun, but sometimes also challenging. Luckily my English is near native (so I’ve been told), so I can easily express myself in my second language. Chances are if I don’t know a word in English, I probably don’t know it in Romanian either. But even so, sometimes there are some specific Romanian words related to style or fashion that I know since I’ve been a child, and…

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    A Case for Old School Femininity in Today’s World

    I think it’s fair to say thatย old school femininity in today’s world is a bit of a forgotten concept. I notice aย lot of people, men and women alike, associate femininity and grace with a passe demeanour from a bygone era. They equate it with weakness and female submission, or even with an anti-feminist outlook. Which is, to put it gently, a crock! Femininity has nothing to do with not being able to hold your own, with trying to please society…

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    Your Style is in the Details

    As it is often said, the devil is in the details. Well, I say your style is in the details just as much! Everybody can learn to put together a “correct” outfit, following the advice that fashion magazines and TV shows dole out. It’s easy to create an outfit that will look right and won’t break any fashion rules (more on that here). But it’s a fair guess to say that that outfit also won’t really be imaginative, different or…

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    Bringing Autumn’s Palette into My Wardrobe

    Every year I’m torn when summer ends and autumn begins. On the one hand, I know I have to kiss warm nights, breezy dresses and sipping frappes on terraces goodbye, but on the other… Where, oh where should I start? The first chilly, foggy morning of September always has me feeling giddy with excitement, because I know the season of crunchy leaves, carved pumpkins and cozy outfits is coming. Plus, October is when I was born, so in my heart…