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    5 Reasons Vintage Shopping Is A Style Lover’s Golden Treasure Chest

    A subject I could probably wax poetic about for hours has to be vintage shopping. I could immerse myself in discussions on which decades are most worth pursuing (imo: the ones that best fit your style!) I could contrast and compare the best online merchants, talk about which vintage shops in Amsterdam are the absolute top, how I spot authentic pieces, and how I style them afterwards etc.... etc. etc. Interested in these topics? Let me know in the comments,…

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    5 Style Insights From The September Issue

    I’m probably (clearly) late in the game, but I wanted to bring a movie to your attention today: The September Issue. Although it came out in 2009, I only got to watching it a couple of days ago- thanks, Netflix! And while I was expecting a clearly staged, well rehearsed fashion movie, I was well surprised. I think the documentary managed to capture a few very raw glimpses into the fashion magazine industry, and into one of its major players:…

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    5 Tips to Successfully Shop the Sales

    Hi everybody! I figured since we’re in full blown sales season right about now, you’re probably itching to go shopping. And maybe you’re also feeling just a little overwhelmed by all the offers you’re seeing at your favorite retailers. Which is why I wanted to share 5 tips to successfully shop the sales! So you end up with stuff you love, andย have some money left over in your wallet. Investment pieces first Look for 1-2 really good quality items that…