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    5 Christmas Outfits For All The Festive Occasions Ahead

    With the season’s festivities well and truly on the way, I think we’re all feeling the joy of celebrating with our loved ones. But between meeting up with friends, rounding up your colleagues for a final hot cider, and prepping for the family reunion, there are countless Christmas outfits that need to be planned. And let’s face it, we’d all rather focus on what’s truly important during the winter holidays, and spend as little time as possible stressing about which…

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    Fall Lookbook: 5 Outfit Ideas to Inspire Your Stylish Autumn Wardrobe

    With the autumn weather moving in on this year’s summer, we’re also moving from breezy and light OOTD’s to more fall appropriate ones. So I put together today’s fall lookbook, to help you build your stylish wardrobe for the upcoming months: The Dinner Date I’ll make a little confession here: I’m a huge fan of high neck sweaters, especially black ones. I find them refined and sensual all at once. Which makes one the perfect foundation for a romantic beginning…

  • 5 Reasons To Buy Local While Travelling
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    5 Reasons To Buy Local While Travelling

    Last week I put together a small travel capsule wardrobe based on our Italian holiday,  so today I thought I’d stay on the subject of trips! But this time I wanted to approach it in the context of shopping while travelling, and share my reasons to buy local. Before I tell you my views though, I’m curious to know what you think about shopping on vacation. Do you plan ahead, reading up on what the area is famous for, and…

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    My Top 5 Easy, Affordable and Lazy Beauty Hacks for When You Have no Time or Energy [VIDEO]

    I’m curious to do a count of hands here: How many of you enjoy looking put together?  Let me know in the comments! Aaand now, how many of you actually have time to do the whole put-together routine every single day? Yeah, me neither… Which is why every now and then (and again) I rely on a few beauty hacks that save me some time, energy and even a bit of money. If you’re into that, I listed my top…

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    5 Absolutely Fantastic Beauty Products I’ve Been Loving This April

    Since my last few posts have been all about fashion, I wanted to shine a light on skincare and beauty for a change! Which is why today I’ve rounded up my top 5 favorite beauty products, that I’ve been using and loving to death for the past month. Some are new finds, others are older flames that have been waiting patiently for their moment out in the sun again. Hope you love them, and maybe even find a few favorites…