Summer OOTD: 5 Tips To Stay Stylish and Cool in the Heat
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Summer OOTD: 5 Tips To Stay Stylish and Cool in the Heat!

Here it is: the article I never thought I’d be writing- well, not while living in Amsterdam at least! But this summer has come with a wave of sweltering, arid, brain-melting heat that just won’t quit.

Which is great- but!

It’s also when we start struggling to find a balance between wanting to rip all our clothes off, and wanting to- you know- not get arrested for it.

So then, how do you dress in order to stay stylish and cool in the heat? Where do you start with creating a fun summer OOTD that’s still easy-breezy? Well, here are my two (or five) cents for it:

Summer OOTD: 5 Tips To Stay Stylish and Cool in the Heat

Keep your clothes flowy

I did say easy-breezy, right?

Flowy clothes are hands-down better at keeping air ventilation going, and therefore keeping you cool. So reach for an A-line sundress, a tunic or even a maxi skirt with a high-slit, like I wore here, instead of a skin tight tank-top and denim shorts. Just make sure the items you choose still have a bit of structure, so they don’t stick to you.

Summer OOTD: 5 Tips To Stay Stylish and Cool in the Heat

Goย for lightweight, natural fabrics

And speaking of structured shape- natural fiber clothes will 100% offer that! On those days when the thermometers are bursting, opt for cotton, linen, chambray or blends of these fabrics.ย Silk is a maybe– yes, it’s natural, but depending on the garment’s cut, it can either be a cooling dream or a suffocating nightmare.

Keep it flowy, remember?

Summer OOTD: 5 Tips To Stay Stylish and Cool in the Heat

So bottom line is:

Skip anything heavy, or with a too-tight weave. A white, loose cotton shirt, a pair of sand coloured, linen-viscose paper-bag trousers, an embroidered chambray shirt-dress will have you looking sharp, and cool you down.

Have fun with crop tops

Crop tops have been a thing for a couple of seasons now.

So the good news?

There are now plenty of options for all tastes! Whether you prefer a bit longer, boxy cut crop top, or a skimpy, festival ready version with cutouts, or even a romantic ruffled top, there is sure to be something on the market you’ll love.

Summer OOTD: 5 Tips To Stay Stylish and Cool in the Heat

I prefer wearing my crop tops with anything high waisted and a bit more loose- since I go with tighter fitting tops. It’s a modern, flattering look that is airy enough on a hot day, AND also gives you longer looking legs- if you’re into that, you know (I certainly am).

Stick to non-sticky jewelry

When it’s so hot outside that clothes are sticking to your body, and even the sidewalk seems to be sticking to your shoes, you don’t need your accessories to stick to you too. Which is why during summer, I tend to reach more for big, fun, colourful earrings, rather than statement necklaces, pins or belts.

Summer OOTD: 5 Tips To Stay Stylish and Cool in the Heat

You can also always reach for your more exotic, tribal-inspired or traditionally made jewelry: bamboo bracelets, wood sculpted or glass bead necklaces, since they retain less body heat.

Another huge plus?

They look wicked good next to a bohemian summer dress or a peasant blouse!

Barely there sandals do the trick

This is a biggie for me, because my feet tend to blister even at the mention of a heat wave… Which is why I opt for barely there sandals- one strap across the toes will do, and maaaybe another one around the ankle.

Cage sandals and sexy, strappy shoes have their place for when it’s under 30ยฐC, thank-you-very-much!

embellished-sandals mystyle5 blog

But that doesn’t mean you have to go for boring shoes, oh no!

I mean- Hi, have we met?

I don’t really go nuts for pieces that go unnoticed. I say yes to embellished sandals, yes to pearls, feathers, fringe or stones- as long as my skin only comes in contact with the buttery soft, breathable fabric.

Summer OOTD: 5 Tips To Stay Stylish and Cool in the Heat

Now these were my top 5 tips for staying cool and comfy during summer, without having to sacrifice your style. I’d love to hear yours as well- especially since we’re meant to be heading for another heat wave here, yay… (“another” one- when did the first one end??)

Thanks for reading, see you in the Comments! xoxo

Photos byย Natalia Bylok, edited by me

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