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Our Christmas in Images

OUR CHRISTMAS in images.jpg

The past few days have been wonderful, and I hope that you’ve had a very Merry Christmas too! In between a much awaited holiday, present giving and excitedly unwrapping, and spending quality time with friends and family, this holiday season has been great to us. So before moving on to the New Year and to the joys and challenges that it will bring, I wanted to take a moment to remember all the things we did in the past days, and to share our Christmas in images with you, of course:

Buying a few new special little baubles to add to our Christmas tree. This year it was my dad who found these awesome vintage ornaments at one of the Amsterdam flee markets:

vintage Christmas tree ornaments.jpg

And my mom and I who brought home a little Nutcracker:

Nutcracker tree bauble Christmas.jpg

Walking around the city to spot all the Christmas decorations:

Leopard print coat winter fashion style.jpg

Amsterdam Christmas decorations daylight.jpg

amsterdam centrum Christmas decorations.jpg

And then nomming on some delicious homemade chocolate and a cinnamon latte (in a gingerbread man mug, of course!)

homemade chocolate bars and gingerbread man mug Christmas.jpg

Getting ready for dinner with friends on Christmas Eve:

Christmas with family outfit inspiration.jpg

tartan and pearls for Christmas.jpg
Nothing like a splash of tartan  and a smattering of pearls for Christmas!

And taking my parents for a couples’ dinner out on Christmas day:

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we’ve been up to in the past few days. I also hope that you’ve made some great new memories this Christmas, and I wish you a lovely NYE!

See you here in the new year!


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