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My Top 5 Easy, Affordable and Lazy Beauty Hacks for When You Have no Time or Energy [VIDEO]

I’m curious to do a count of hands here: How many of you enjoy looking put together?  Let me know in the comments!

Aaand now, how many of you actually have time to do the whole put-together routine every single day? Yeah, me neither…

Which is why every now and then (and again) I rely on a few beauty hacks that save me some time, energy and even a bit of money. If you’re into that, I listed my top 5 for you right here:

Quick chipped tips fix

One of the things that really bugs me is noticing my manicure has chipped right before I have to leave somewhere. Because this means I won’t have time to properly paint my chipped tips, wait for them to dry, cover the whole nail with a protective top coat… And again, wait for it to dry!

Quick chipped nails fix tip.jpg

So a much quicker beauty fix I found is covering the chipped nails with a glitter top coat! If it has enough coverage, you can definitely paint only the tips, in an ombre fashion (this was actually my chosen look for my wedding manicure).

If the polish is more see through, like this Kiko glitter top coat, you can instead cover the whole nail in it.

It’s my 2 in 1 manicure hack, since you’re basically dragging the existing colour over any bare areas, and you just need to wait on one coat to dry. Plus, thanks to the glitter, it won’t matter if the finish is not 100% perfect and smooth.

fix chipped nails with glitter polish.jpg

Shampoo in your sleep

I know spritzing your unwashed locks with dry shampoo to whip them back into shape is hardly groundbreaking. But I have a little beauty tip that makes it work even better. Plus, it saves you time in the morning, when I for one am in such a rush, I often forget to even use my dry shampoo at all.

dry shampoo hack better use.jpg

So, my magical solution?

I spray it in before going to bed! This way, the powder has more time to work its grease absorbing magic, and it gets massaged into my strands while I toss and turn during the night. No annoying white residue in the morning, and spick and span looking locks!

use dry shmapoo before sleeping

As a little side tip here, pulling your hair in a bun after spraying in your dry shampoo will lend some beautiful, texturized curls in the morning. You’re welcome!

Throw some shade on your roots

Staying on the topic of your hair: I know those of you out there dyeing it feel my pain at the sight of roots starting to come through. Be it white, black, blonde, or whatever your natural colour, some regrowth will most likely be visible again within a couple of weeks after a dye job.

roots coverage dye job.jpg

The best fixes I’ve personally found are pigment rich masks and hair balms, like the Extreme Red line from Overtone, or the Davines Alchemic Conditioner for red dyed hair. But let’s be honest, these require some serious planning ahead, since they need to be washed out.

A good alternative is a root retoucher spray, like this Syoss one.

syoss root retoucher.jpg

But what if you notice last minute that you’re out of it? Is there a faster, not to mention cheaper beauty hack you can use? Why, yes there is: makeup!

Taking a toothbrush (just not the one you use on the daily, duh), grab some eyeshadow in a hue close to your hair colour, and cover your roots in it! I really recommend a toothbrush rather than a makeup brush for this, because it will do a much better job at covering individual hairs, and provide a more even result.

makeup for root coverage.jpg

But feel free to use your slim, densely packed makeup brush to pick up the same eyeshadow and fill your eyebrows in. It’s a quick way of multitasking one product, and it also ties in your makeup and hair look, creating a more seamless, natural appearance.

Multi-task your lipstick

Another huge time-saver is a good lip product that can multi task. That for me usually means a creamy or powdery matte rosy lipstick, which I also use on my cheeks and eyelids.

This Pink in the Afternoon from Revlon lends itself beautifully to being swiped as a blush and as eye makeup, without making your skin feel heavy or tacky.

pink in the afternoon revlon.jpg

I would steer clear of glosses or any lip products that are too thick or gloopy though- precisely because of that tackiness I was mentioning, and also because their formula might break you out more easily.

You may also want to test out a product designed specifically for your lips, cheeks and eyes- but if you’re in a hurry and/or feeling a bit lazy, lipstick will do in a pinch!

pink in the afternoon revlon as blush.jpg

Set makeup while moisturizing

Now, to set all of your makeup efforts in place and hydrate your skin at the same time, I have the perfect solution: a very fine mist of rose water. If you want to up the hydration factor, you can also do what I did here, which is mix in some oil.

I went for the Caudalie Divine Oil since it’s a long time favorite of mine, as well as a couple drops of Wild Orange essential oil, which decreases inflammation and supports collagen production. Don’t forget to shake the concoction really well!

Caudalie Divine Oil and Rose water.jpg

Then, just spray it on your face, neck, décolletage and gently pat it in if you want. Mind you, this works great for your body too, and it leaves you smelling divine, so you can also use it instead of perfume-a win win… win right there!

Rose water is already great for moisturizing the skin, but the oils really help lock that moisture right in. Plus, if you have any skin issues, you can choose essential oils compatible with the concerns you’re targeting.

rose water mist skin hydration.jpg

However, I do have to say that when it comes to skincare, I really think nothing beats a good, complete routine. So I would only go for this kind of shortcuts every now and again, for when you really can’t manage otherwise. Still, it’s better to have a couple of tricks up your sleeve, rather than doing nothing at all, am I right?

So guys, these were my top 5 easy, affordable and lazy beauty hacks I think everyone should know. I’m curious to hear if you already knew any of them, and if you have any shortcut tricks of your own- let me know in the comments.

my top 5 lazy, affordable, easy beauty hacks.jpg

Please also let me know when you try these tricks out, I’m curious to hear if they work just as well for you too. Thanks for watching and reading- and until next week, have a fabulous time!

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