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My 5 Tips for Living Your Best Hat Life

Hats: loved by many, worn by few, feared by most. I can’t even (see, I know the cool slang)- but really, I CAN’T EVEN begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen women sighing about a lovely hat or another.

And then denying themselves the pleasure of having it with the classic “Oh, I couldn’t pull it off…”

To which I say:

Umm… says who? Oh, that annoying little voice in your head telling you you’re not pretty/ skinny/ young/ cool/ symmetrical and whatnot enough to wear what you like?

Well, we’ll get to it in a minute- but first, let me tell you that YOU CAN pull off an amazing hat look.

And here are 5 tips how to:

My 5 Tips for Living Your Best Hat Life

Mind your hair

You can wear a hat with pretty much any hairdo, if you’re a bit careful. A high-up do for example- like a high bun or ponytail- will look darling with a tiny cocktail or pillbox hat pinned to the side; or even with a fascinator for an evening look.

Loose waves will be beautifully complemented by an equally romantic straw boater hat, while chignon wearers can go for ones with dramatically massive brims. Trรจs “Old Hollywood beach glam”!

And who can resist a short bob covered by a sweet beret, or a bold pixie cut under a fedora??

No one, that’s who.

My 5 Tips for Living Your Best Hat Life

Keep an eye on your face

Taking your face shape into consideration will help you nail down that hat that brings out your best features- so you can silence the annoying tiny voice forever. If you don’t like how you look in hats, you probably haven’t tried out the right one for you yet!

To keep it short and sweet:

If you want to elongate your face, high crown hats are for you. To make your face appear a bit rounder, a floppy, wide brim hat with a shallow crown will do the trick.

And to pull focus on a certain feature (eyes, cheekbones, nose, lips or chin), look for brims that stop nearby that area. It will become a focal point!

My 5 Tips for Living Your Best Hat Life
Hat brims that draw attention to cheekbones

Style, style, style

This is where I go off again about the importance of knowing your style. It is really that important though! Because understanding your style and letting yourself manifest your personality will result in a look you 100% adore.

So how do you apply this?

If your style personality has more of a dramatic flair, you will naturally gravitate towards embellished, large, eye-popping hats. So don’t try to hide your light under a bushel (or a hat) with more modest options- go big or go home!

My 5 Tips for Living Your Best Hat Life

Again, a more minimalist, urban loving woman may prefer a leather baseball cap, while the grunge-rock lover might reach for a felt bowler hat.

There is no right or wrong way to do hats, there is only the right way for YOU!

Got the time of day?ย 

Where and when you’re going can help you figure out which hat to lean towards.

Sunny picnic by the pier? A boater hat will serve you well. Fancy evening wedding? Maybe a veiled fascinator. Grabbing coffee with the girls on a chilly day? Beanies are equal parts comfy & cute.

Keep the social context in mind when picking your hat- just as you would for any other accessory.

My 5 Tips for Living Your Best Hat Life

Make it yours

Last but not least:

Just like any other piece in your wardrobe, a hat is yours for the taking, and yours to personalize! Don’t miss the chance to change the bow it came with from the store, add an extra embellishment, dye it or even slightly alter the shape (carefully!) to have it suit your needs and preferences.


Fashion is here for your enjoyment, not to have you feeling stressed out or bored over your wardrobe choices!


And there you have them- my 5 tips to wearing hats and loving it; because really, once you master hats, you have a whole new world of sartorial bliss opening up in front of you.

Curious to hear: do you wear hats? And which do you like best?

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