My 5 Step DIY Festive Manicure!
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My 5 Step DIY Festive Manicure!


New Year’s Eve is almost here! And while some think it’s just an overrated event, to me it’s always a great opportunity to let my hair down, dress up and party the old year away with the people I love.

Since I never quite know what the night has in store for me, I go for looks that can be both upscale and low-key. Like a festive red sweater with a low cut back, a deep purple ballerina skirt, black tights and my favorite black booties. A glitzy pair of earrings, a couple spritzes of Bvlgari Omnia Amethyst and I’m ready to rock the new year!

Until I catch a sight of my nails, that is!

Which eeh… have seen better days. Because let’s face it- between decorating two Christmas trees, baking, wrapping presents and hopping on a carousel of family gatherings and friends meet-ups, your holiday manicure would probably take a beating too. DIY Manicure

And with little time to spare until the party starts, there is only one thing to do!

Deploy my 5 step DIY festive manicure, that always guarantees great looking hands and nails.

Ready, set, go! Sarah Jessica Parker has nothing on me 🙂

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, all!

Whether it’s from the comfort of your own bed, or out and about town, partying it up.

Soak up the fireworks, clink a glass of champagne with your nearest and dearest, take a moment to be grateful for the year that passed.

And let’s make the next year a fabulous one!


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