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Salut, and welcome to my style blog! I’m Silvia, a Romanian living in the ever exciting city of Amsterdam.

My 5 Favorite Products: March Edition

Growing up surrounded by charming, elegant women has shaped my perception of a well defined style early on. As I moved cities and countries, I kept admiring all the beautiful, confident women I would come across. Each one of them different and interesting in their own way. Each one of them flaunting their own inimitable style.

This blog came out of passion for all the pieces that make up and create just that: someone’s unique style- all the elements that mold your style into something unmistakably yours. Daily confident and deliberate fashion choices. Perfectly put-together hairdos or a wild, free mane. The brash flick of an eyeliner. A delicious perfume. A vast library of books, songs or movies! These all speak of and become your own individual style, and eventually your trademark.

So if you’re looking to feel more confident in yourself and in your personal style, know that  while you’re here you’ll be getting 5 nuggets of style-defining inspiration with every post. Or maybe you will learn what you definitely don’t want your style to be. Either way, you’re in the right place!

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