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Giving Into the Latest Trends: 5 Ways To Know When One Is Right For You

Staying up to date with the latest trends is pretty much in the “job description” of a style blogger. Not to mention that if you love fashion in general, it’s almost impossible not to at least glance at fashion trends every new season.

But learning how to integrate them in our wardrobes takes a bit of work. After all, buying every new fashion piece under the sun will not make you more stylish. Not if those pieces don’t fit your existing lifestyle, your aesthetic, your look.

5 Ways TO FILTER The Latest Fashion TRENDS.jpg

So then, how do you know when to buy a new trend? How do you filter the ones you will absolutely love from the ones you will forget on the bottom of your drawer, tag still on?

Well, I usually say YES to a trend if I know:

I’ve given it some thought

Trends come and go with the purpose of exciting your fashion taste buds, and urging you to BUY BUY BUY! They will always be the shiny, new, cool (sometimes strange) kids on the block. The ones who make you want to drop everything to go out and play with them.

Not to mention that trends are normally created as an antithesis, a rebellion against current fashion looks.

gold seashell earrings

Just think about it:

Funky 60’s were followed by the boho 70’s. Over-the-top 80’s by the grungy 90’s, and so on. The definitory trends of each period were easily recognizable, and would challenge the style status quo. So of course, being on trend has always been wildly popular!

But as much as trends do make for fun impulse purchases, I would always give them a second thought before buying.

I went back and forth on the seashell jewelry trend a couple of times, until I found the earrings I liked best!

Just try picturing your looks in two years- would your future self still stand by that electric blue faux-fur coat? Or would you immediately throw it out, because it’s just old-fashioned or garish?

Taking a step back to think, instead of buying on a whim allows you to make better, more satisfying purchases in the end. And it can save you some pretty cringeworthy moments in your style evolution.

That particular fashion trend suits you

Another thing about fashion trends is that they are meant to be adopted universally (and then promptly replaced). This means that they are in no way tailored to each individual, but more an instrument of mass homogenization.

The conclusion?

We can’t expect each and every trend to suit us in particular. Designers cast a wide net every season, and it’s up to us to filter everything, and select what makes us look and feel our best.


My example: living coral is the colour of 2019. And while I could easily pull it off when I was a brunette, as a redhead, I feel it clashes with my shade of hair.

So I will wear it sparingly, and not near my face, but rather in accessories like belts, shoes and bags. Closer to my face I will reach for strong jewel colours, or nude hues like sand and blush, which I know suit my complexion better.

After all, who wants to sacrifice feeling their best in their chose outfits just because the trends dictate it? Life’s too short not to have fun with what you wear!

It is still a practical piece

An issue that trends often pose is lack of practicality. Since they are the result of extravagant runway creations, very trendy pieces can be hard to incorporate in day to day wear.

An easy example:

Neon is on the rise again as a summer trend. Which I understand, since it looks great against tanned skin. But still, it’s not the easiest to wear in daily setting (ie. on the job, at school, at art events, or even in many going out outfits).

So this is a trend I for one will be passing on. 

Acid wash is huge this summer. On a pair of high-waisted mom-shorts though, it has a retro vibe, perfect for so many boho looks!

Which also means that I will be looking for more wearable trends- ones that make sense for my daily bike riding, office going, terrace hopping lifestyle 🙂 And I encourage you to think about your daily activities, and do the same.

Because here’s the thing:

Even if a trend is short lived, it still needs to hold a degree of practicality for you to adopt it. It needs to make sense for your particular lifestyle, otherwise, you may very well end up never wearing it-or even worse, wearing it once, and feeling totally out of place.

lace top denim shorts
Trendy pieces in and of themselves, that make up for an outfit I love wearing in many contexts.

It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg

This is a personal belief of mine, but one that’s been confirmed along years of trying on, swapping, shopping and more shopping. I would never recommend sinking a large sum of money into a trend, specifically because they tend to have a short shelf life.

So then, what to do?

summer bag accessories


I would always look for trendy items on sale, since they are fun, experimental additions to my wardrobe.

Even better if you can exchange it with a girlfriend! Or get it second hand (gently loved) on Facebook marketplaces, or in your local swap&shop groups.

This way, you’re not envouraging mass over-production of trends.

But, like every “rule”, it has an exception, namely:

That style has evergreen potential

Every now and again, there are trends that actually become long-standing tendencies. They manage to permeate the often changing landscape of fashion, and cross into style territory.

These are the trends worth investing in, because they are the ones you’ll be able to keep for a long while to come. And this is also when you could look into buying the best versions of them you can find.

animal print bag..jpg

Because those are the trends you can feel good about knowing they will make you smile every time you don them. And they will more than makeup for their price, giving you a better cost per wear in time.

I’m curious to know, did you find these tips for picking and choosing which trends to buy into? Do you normally follow trends, or are you always faithful to your own style? Let me know in the comments- and as always, thank you for reading!



  • BitterSweet

    Loved your advice! When it comes to fast fashion I like to only buy items that are part of my style, anything that is neon, net, skintight, etc. are not my piece of cake. When I was 15, sure, all of those where there, and it’s funny that in 2005 that was the trend, but now I wouldn’t see myself wearing them. One of the things that I like to do with the fashion trends is seeing them on other people, but regular ones, on the street, since that gives me an idea about how I could integrate them in my lifestyle and then I can decide whether I can make it work or not, nowadays everything looks good in pictures, but when you are the one wearing them, it’s not that great.

    • silviacosma

      Very, very good point! Anything can be styled, pinchef, highlighted or Photoshopped into perfection- but actually seeing a certain trend on different people, in different contexts, and styled in their individual ways offers much better clues as to what could suit you too.

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