From Style Starter to Style Storyteller

Are you excited to go from Style Starter to Style Storyteller?

Then you can go about it two ways:

The Style Coaching Route, or the DIY Route!

The Style Coaching Route

Through my course-based, 12-week, 1-on-1 coaching program, I am inviting you to take advantage of all my knowledge and abilities, as not only an Image Consultant but a Style Coach, to truly transform your life by working together.

Because I can remember a time when I was unsure of myself. Not even knowing where to start exploring my self-image and self-growth- even if I’d had all the styling courses in the world…

And that feeling didn’t change until I learned to align my inner image with my outer one.

But once I found the way to do just that, it was like everything switched on!

My mood, self-confidence and happiness with my appearance shot through the roof.
Because finally, the person I was seeing in the mirror fully reflected who I felt like inside!

Now, imagine your own self-doubt becoming self-assurance.

Imagine your living by others’ opinions becoming living by your authentic self.

Imagine your unlived life becoming your fulfilled life.

How would that switch feel?

If you are ready to find out and live out that feeling every day, book your first free call with me! I’d love to discuss just how we can get there together:

Book me here!

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