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Fall Lookbook: 5 Outfit Ideas to Inspire Your Stylish Autumn Wardrobe

With the autumn weather moving in on this year’s summer, we’re also moving from breezy and light OOTD’s to more fall appropriate ones. So I put together today’s fall lookbook, to help you build your stylish wardrobe for the upcoming months:

The Dinner Date

I’ll make a little confession here: I’m a huge fan of high neck sweaters, especially black ones. I find them refined and sensual all at once.

Which makes one the perfect foundation for a romantic beginning of autumn date!

To still carry a bit of that summer feeling with me, I’ll pair the sweater with a white lace pencil skirt instead of a dark versio. And I’ll layer gold jewelry for an extra boost of warmth.

Fall Lookbook Dinner Date outfit

I’ll also add a pair of nude, strappy, leg lengthening sandals. But feel free to swap with closed toe pumps if it’s already cold where you live.

And since the outfit is quite simple chromatically (black and white), I’ll add a pop of colour with my clutch. This time, it’s a chartreuse green satin one.

And that’s it! Ready for a restaurant date and a walk under the stars.

The Reading Day

I don’t know about you guys and gals out there, but reading is at the top of my favorite me-time indulgences.

And when summer turns to fall, I find myself wanting to take my books outside in the evenings.  Where I can enjoy that golden hour light and the sound of crunchy leaves on the ground…

So before I hit the park or the pier in my comfy shorts and metallic brogues, I make sure to swap that summery T-shirt with a lightweight sweater.

cozy outfit reading in the park

September weather might not be too bad yet, but it’s oh so easy to get lost in a book, only to realize the hours have flown by and it’s suddenly freezing!

And if I really want to treat myself, I’ll make sure to pack my book of choice in a smile inducing fairy tale inspired messenger bag. So I can have my hands free for a delicious (and warming) latte at my favorite canal-side café.

The Office Ready

Once summer holidays are done and gone, I think we all want to take that relaxed beach vibe back with us to the office.

And while flip flops and tank-tops might not be suitable in every work place, it’s hard to find fault with a fluttery, knee length dress, combined with a white shirt, polka dot nude pumps, and a messy chignon.

office ready look.jpg

To carry the summer spirit on, I added a massive gold cuff bracelet, which imparts a bit of antique Roman style to the outfit. And a structured bag in a neutral buttery caramel is perfect for finishing the look off.

By the way, did you know that matching bags and shoes are on trend again this season? Thumb the video up if you pay attention to this too, or let me know in the comments why you don’t!

The Terrace Brunch

Some fall days surprise us with their generous temperatures. And for just those days, a chic and fun brunch on the terace with the girls is in order!

I’m a diehard color fan, so will always reach for rich, sumptuous hues, punctuated by a few livelier pops.

And in a transitional fall outfit, that translates into pairing this beautiful, forest green long sleeved shirt with black shorts and black, strappy high heeled sandals.

terrace brunch outfit for fall.jpg

Sense a theme here? I love strappy footwear, and will wear it for as long as I can get away with into the fall.

I don’t go for super short shorts, as morning breezes can already be pretty brisk. But this almost knee length black pair works perfectly for this purpose.

And if it happens to be really sunny outside, I’ll finish the look with a pair of large, colourful sunnies-just to extend that summer feel a little while longer.

The Seasonal Shopper

Every time the season changes, I like to scout the shops a bit. I’m not a fan of mindless shopping, but two or three new items from my favorite stores are enough to bring the flavour of the season into my wardrobe.

And whenever I go shopping, I make sure to wear something super comfortable, that can be easily taken off and put back on in the fitting room. In this case, a cream, soft shirt-dress and pink, flowery loafers.

The dress feels amazing on the skin, has long sleeves-which I can leave as they are if it’s cold, or roll up. And it allows for a nude slip underneath, for an extra layer of warmth.

And more often than not, I’ll add a belt over the dress, just to highlight my waist (comfortable and chic aren’t mutually exclusive) and also in case I need a belt for a new item I’m trying on.

Finally, in case the weather turns suddenly (hello, Dutch autumns!) I always pack a lightweight jacket-in this case, my trusty satin floral bomber.

fall lookbook shopping.jpg

Since transitioning from hot weather to a suddenly brisk one is a bit tricky, I hope I ‘ve helped inspire you to incorporate more layers into your looks, and to use your summer staples well into fall.

If you have any great advice that you always lean on when creating your own  outfits (be they in a fall lookbook or not), share in the comments below!

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