• 5 easy ways to get into the holidays spirit
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    5 Easy Ways to Get Into the Holidays Spirit

    This time of the year is meant to be warm and happy, and to be shared with your closest ones. And while Christmas can be a wonderful period, it’s also one with some of the highest depression rates. Getting into the holidays spirit is not always as simple as it may seem, and I can’t claim to hold the answer to someone else’s happiness. But what I can do is shareย my own 5 easy ways to get into the holidays…

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    5 Style Insights From The September Issue

    I’m probably (clearly) late in the game, but I wanted to bring a movie to your attention today: The September Issue. Although it came out in 2009, I only got to watching it a couple of days ago- thanks, Netflix! And while I was expecting a clearly staged, well rehearsed fashion movie, I was well surprised. I think the documentary managed to capture a few very raw glimpses into the fashion magazine industry, and into one of its major players:…

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    5 Last Minute Style Tricks for the Holiday Party Season

    The holiday season is near- and with it come the excess eating, partying, champagne drinking and maybe even (gasp!) falling asleep with your sweaty makeup on! So what’s a girl to do when she wants to keep looking glowy and healthy night after night, hopping from one Christmas party to the next and into the New Year? Why, just follow my 5ย last minute style tricks for the holiday party season, of course! Skincare is queen First of all, do some…

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    5 Best Street Style Looks: Amsterdam Edition

    First it was the paper magazines and the fashion shows on TV. Then it was the shift to online magazine websites. And finally, it was the turn of street style mavens, bloggers, Youtubers, social media influencers. Fashion is being viewed and consumed differently today, with a lot of us turning to street style muses for inspiration. Which is what I did last Sunday as well. The weather was perfect, with a sunny afternoon after morning showers, so I took to…

  • My Christmas Wish List

    My Christmas Wish List

    With every winter that comes, there are a few things that I still await with the same fervor year after year since I was a child. Like the first snowfall, decorating the Christmas tree together with my family and of course, unwrapping all the presents. As I grew up, I started appreciating the non-material gifts in life more and more (the health, happiness and peace that we have been blessed with). But the little girl in me still gets all…