• How do I find my best hair color?

    Finding Your Best Hair Color In Just 5 Steps

    The history of hair dying can be traced back to Ancient Greece, when it was done with plant-based pigments. Pigments which, from the early 20th century onwards, became available in synthetic hair dyes too. This turned our quest for our best hair color into a $$$multi-billion industry! At the same time, all of these extra possibilities and options in terms of formula, colour, durability etc. has proven to be as counter-productive as having none. And when it comes to our…

  • Reformation jeans fit
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    5 Ways to Do The Affordable Sustainable Fashion Thing Like a Boss

    A while ago I wrote an article on easy to applyย sustainable fashion principles. And while more people are looking into this subject, I know it also comes with many concerns. One of them being actually finding affordable sustainable fashion! Which is why I wanted to tackle this subject today. So if you’re really into the idea of shopping more ethically, but are not quite sure how it can fit in with your budget, then just keep on reading: Know Your…

  • white top for holiday look
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    Travel Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration: My 5 Most Reached For, Chic & Versatile Pieces From Our Southern Italy Holiday

    If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you probably know we recently went on holiday through Southern Italy. Naples, Capri and Costa Amalfi were all on our itinerary-each more beautiful than the next. With Capri taking the cake tbh- I mean… So I’m sure you can understand my excitement of prepping for these wonderful places. But while I normally do a great job at packing for travel (if I do say so myself), this time the pieces I brought…

  • why it's important to learn to say no
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    Investing in Yourself: Why It’s Important to Learn To Say No (7)

    This is an article I’ve been thinking about for a while now. And since it’s been some time since my last Investing in Yourself post, I decided there’s no time like the present! So today we’re debating just why it’s so important to learn to say no. I think a lot of us think it much more often than we actually say it. And my hope is that reading this will help encourage you to take action where needed, to…

  • sustainable fashion consumption
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    5 Great Sustainable Fashion Principles Anyone Can Apply!

    Sustainable fashion is a topic that has been preoccupying me more and more in recent years. Granted- the way we impact our planet in general is a subject I’m passionate about, thanks to my parents. But since fashion is also my passion, I wanted to make more of an effort towards bridging the gap between the two. Because I truly believe we can all make a positive impact when it comes to making our fashion consumption habits more sustainable. My…