• 5 "Rules" for Choosing Your Wedding Dress
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    5 “Rules” for Choosing Your Wedding Dress

    Choosing your wedding dress: the most fun part of wedding planning for some, and the stuff of actual nightmares for others. So how to make sure that you end up falling into the first category by the end of it all? Can you even come out of the wedding dress selection process happy and sane and not looking like a marshmallow (unless looking like a marshmallow is totally your thing)? Are there any rules to this whole wedding dress shopping??…

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    5 Questions to Ask Yourself While Shopping

    Hi ladies (and gents)! As we are still in the January sales season, I thought you might need a little aid in this seasonal battle against your wallet. I know it’s not always easy to say NO to a shiny new garment, especially since new clothing always has somewhat of a magic feeling; but then again, shopping for the sake of shopping deserves an even louder NO in my book. Which is why I devised this quick and simple 5…

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    5 Stylish Ideas for January 2018

    I don’t know about you all, but my feelings about winter go pretty much like this every year: November: Ooh, that chilly, crisp air, those foggy mornings, sweater weather, yay! December to January 1st: Smiling at the snowflakes outside, bundled up under a soft blanket, book in hand. January 2nd: ….. are you kidding me, can we just get to summer already??! So ok, we’re still saddled with another couple of months of drab, grey, rainy, windy weather. But the…