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    Turning to Essential Oils for Beauty: My 5 Favorite Tried and True Picks

    If you, like myself, are very much into all things skincare, chances are youโ€™ve heard of using essential oils for beauty. Now you may have tried them yourself-and if you have, let me know how they worked out for you! Or you may think using essential oils for beauty improvements is nonsense. In which case I would strongly recommend doing your own research based on reputable sources. Picking the matter up with a trusted dermatologist or beauty therapist would also…

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    My Top 5 Easy, Affordable and Lazy Beauty Hacks for When You Have no Time or Energy [VIDEO]

    I’m curious to do a count of hands here: How many of you enjoy looking put together?ย  Let me know in the comments! Aaand now, how many of you actually have time to do the whole put-together routine every single day? Yeah, me neither… Which is why every now and then (and again) I rely on a few beauty hacks that save me some time, energy and even a bit of money. If you’re into that, I listed my top…

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    5 Absolutely Fantastic Beauty Products I’ve Been Loving This April

    Since my last few posts have been all about fashion, I wanted to shine a light on skincare and beauty for a change! Which is why today I’ve rounded up my top 5 favorite beauty products, that I’ve been using and loving to death for the past month. Some are new finds, others are older flames that have been waiting patiently for their moment out in the sun again. Hope you love them, and maybe even find a few favorites…

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    Best Sephora Lipsticks for 2019: My Top 5 Recommendations

    If you’re following me on Instagram, you may remember that lastย Christmas I got my hands on the covetable Sephora Give Me More Lip collection. It was a great value pack, which allowed me to sample some of the best Sephora lipsticks of the year. Now, after two months of wearing them in multiple settings, through various events, I can show you my absolute favorites! The ones I will most definitely be repurchasing in 2019- especially the mini versions, which will…

  • 5 Little Hacks for Styling Slouchy Sweaters
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    5 Little Hacks for Styling Slouchy Sweaters

    I don’t know about you lovelies, but by the time February hits, I’m already over this whole winter thing. Sure, snow is cute-until it gets mushy and dirty. And foggy mornings about town, latte in hand are very romantic- until your nose and ears freeze. So to give my mood a little pick me up, I turn to my chunky sweaters that feel like a wearable hug. But as casual-comfy as they are, turning them into a stylish look can…