• Best summer beauty favorites
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    5 Fab Summer Beauty Favorites Well Worth Carrying Into Fall

    September is here, my dears! With this summer going by sans the usual flurry of trips-outings-festivals and events we’ve come to associate with it, I think you’ll share in my feeling that fall seems to have arrived before its time… So to make the transition a bit smoother, I thought I’d share 5 summer beauty favorites that are well worth using during autumn too! Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite here too, to help you make the most…

  • The Unexpected Rise of Personal Style In Our Covid-19 Reality
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    The Unexpected Rise of Personal Style In Our Covid-19 Reality

    Style is dead. Long live style! In the current social, economic and environmental uncertainty-riddled climate, a concern towards personal style seems at the very least frivolous. With many people working from home, amongst kids, pets- maybe also a spouse who’s just as frazzled- an interest in styling ourselves becomes unlikely. While a stronger interest in our old indoor clothes and “never sported in” sporty Athleisure- the norm. And it’s not surprising that we would turn our PJ’s into loungewear, and…

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    From Great Pieces to Great Outfits: 5 Creative Look Formulas Based on Fashion’s Rule of 3

    For the longest time I thought that great pieces make for great style. That if I just got this spectacular dress, and that interesting top, and “Oooh! THE skirt…” I would be able whip  them into great outfits. But, as I previously wrote here, that turned out not to be the case. Those individual items did not seamlessly work together- because each of them was too busy trying to steal the show for itself! And when your clothes are stealing…

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    5 Hidden Costs of a Random Shopping Spree, And How You Can Avoid Them Like a Pro

    Anybody out here been going on a shopping spree or two in the past few months?? If you answered “Yes!”, I would say I’m not really surprised. In conditions of general uncertainty and stress, impulse shopping might seem like a great way to blow off some steam. Not to mention when brands keep bombarding you with sales and offers. And far be it from me to tell anyone what or what not to do- especially when you need a little…

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    5 Ways To Give Your Look a Decidedly Effortless Chic Air In No Time

    The more I talk to women in my friends circle, at work or online about fashion, the more I hear: “I just want to dress easily and quickly. Be comfortable, but still look put together”. Aka, “How can I hit that effortless chic balance spontaneously?” And I have to say- at least from my personal experience- anything effortless usually becomes so because you’ve first put the work in. Because you’ve taken the time to learn, tweak and perfect it until…