Guide for Buying Lingerie You Will Absolutely Love
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A 5 Step Guide for Buying Lingerie You Will Absolutely Love

I feel like lingerie tends to get a lot less attention than it should when it comes to women’s wardrobes. Which in my opinion is just all kinds of wrong. Our undies should get at least as much attention as their more publicly flaunted counterparts!

Why, you may ask?

Because good lingerie sets the foundation not only for how you look, but also for how you feel in your chosen outfit. And we all deserve to feel great in our own skin, which is why I put together this 5 step guide for buying lingerie you will absolutely love!

A 5 Step Guide for Buying Lingerie You Will Absolutely Love

First things first: the basics

Sure, they’re not as exciting as lacy, silky undergarments- but the basics are what will get you through your day to day activities.

Because let’s face it:

Your hot pink embroidered bra wouldn’t look exactly great underneath your white chiffon office blouse, amiright?

And here I’m referring to: bras, undies and potentially camis in black and nude. Ideally, they should be made of silk, microfibre or cotton, and should be as comfortable and seamless as possible. That will lend them versatility and durability, and they will become the workhorses of your underwear wardrobe.

Basic bras any woman should own
Try on a few “nude” options to find the best shade suited to your particular skin colour.

Now I’ve seen stylists recommending white basics too, but for me personally, they are not a necessity. Not once have I been in a situation where my nude bras didn’t do at least as good a job of being invisible as a white one.

Plus, snow white underwear is notoriously difficult to maintain without it turning a greyish or yellowish tint. So at least for me, it’s not a “must-have” (#changemymind challenge extended!)

elegant lace halter braExplore different cuts and shapes for different purposes

Once you’ve nailed your basic T-shirt bra and daily briefs, it’s time to expand. Think about your lifestyle needs, and the wardrobe pieces you most often reach for.

Ask yourself:

Do you wear low cut tops and dresses often? Then you will probably need a plunging bra to go with them. Often wear pencil skirts? Don’t eschew Brazilian briefs or thongs for the most invisible fit.

For halter tops, it’s worth investing in a racerback bra too. While for on-trend pieces with multiple cutouts, or a low cut back, a multifunctional bra would be best.

And of course, don’t forget the fabrics and colours too. Anything fine like silk, satin, chiffon, cashmere or lace will look best over a smooth surface undergarment. Especially if the hue is also light!

Heavier fabrics, or ones that don’t cling to the body (think solid cotton, denim, taffeta, layered embroideries, chunky knits) are a green card for pretty much any kind of underwear! Want to rock your comfy “granny pants” on a day when you just can’t be bothered?lacy lingerie women

They’ll look a lot neater under a pair of black jeans than underneath a peach jersey skirt.

Or feeling like treating yourself to a very sexy crimson and purple set? By all means, slip it underneath your fisherman cable sweater and leather pants, and let it be your little secret.

Size, size, size! Learn it, love it, live it

I’m sure you’ve all heard the statistic that says 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. And I’m suspecting this may very well be the case for other underwear items.

So, what to do?

Either you go to a professional lingerie store and get properly measured, or you bust out your measuring tape and DIY!

Most important spots to measure for perfectly fitting lingerie are:

  • Directly underneath your breasts
  • Around the largest/fullest/most prominent part of your bust
  • Around your natural waist (the thinnest part of your torso)
  • Over your pants band (under the waist and above the hip, where the waistband of your underwear sits).

Now these measurements should pretty much have you covered for everything from bras to undies, corsets, camisoles, teddies and bustiers. Once you have them, look for a reliable online calculator and learn your correct size.

I can’t even stress how important this part is! Because really, the most beautiful set of lingerie in the world will not do you justice if it’s the wrong size for you.

wide range of bras to own
Pro tip: Remember sizing can vary depending on country too. When I moved from Romania to the Netherlands, I started sizing down in all underwear items!

And I wish more women understood this:

Just because your current bra cups are gaping, or your pants’ waistband is digging into your tummy does not mean you are too fat, too flat, or too anything. It just means you need a different size. One that will have you looking, feeling and acting like a goddess!

Honor your sense of beauty and your body

And speaking of feeling goddess-like, don’t forget that lingerie can be an amazing way to show love and respect to yourself. The first person you need to please with your underwear selection is yourself, make no mistake.

So remember:

Try on different cuts and different items! If you don’t feel comfortable with a bare midriff, a corset or a body might be your go-to’s. And what about high waisted, leg lengthening briefs vs. low cut, butt-lifting Brazilians?

Or push-up balconettes vs. natural triangle bras? Depending on how you want to make yourself feel on any chosen day, give yourself the freedom to experiment and have fun!

elegant and sophisticated lingerie

Also, it might be worth exploring different retailers, because every brand does lingerie a little differently. For example, Victoria’s Secret have a lot of colourful, padded bras- so if that’s your thing, they have it! For a sophisticated look and just a shaped cup, I usually look at Triumph or Marie Jo.

beautiful women's lingerie

And for the most exquisite fabrics and intricate designs, there is no other like Aubade or I.D.Sarrieri.

Expensive? Yes. But worth it? Oh, so much yes!

They are the type of brand that will make you feel amazing in your skin just by donning their creations.

Enjoy it on the daily!


Once you’ve nailed that beautiful set that looks good, fits good and makes you feel good, what usually happens? That’s right, it gets stuck in a drawer, and only worn for Valentine’s Day and birthdays!

But why? Why not enjoy that giddy feeling of being in control of your looks every single day? I’m not saying to wear your frilliest, most expensive undergarments daily, of course. But rotating a couple sets of those quality basics I was mentioning earlier will ensure that every outfit you layer over them looks spotless.

how to enjoy lingerie daily

Feeling a bit uncomfortable wearing your “good” underwear daily?

Start off small and get yourself an indulgent silk robe. Wear it around the house, catch yourself every time you pass by a mirror. The more we see something, the more comfortable we become with it- our own images included! So do this little experiment, and see how you feel.

And with these 5 easy to apply steps, I hope you will now feel more confident and enthusiastic going lingerie shopping. Enjoy, and make sure to spoil yourselves with something beautiful, that you absolutely love!

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