5 Ways to Elevate a Denim & T-Shirt Look
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5 Ways to Elevate a Denim & T-Shirt Look

There are a few infallible OTP’s in life that can’t be snubbed (that’s One True Pairing by the way). Which I learned when I was yesterday years old ๐Ÿ™‚

Some of the best ones?

Peanut butter and jam, snow days and Netflix, books and coffee, and jeans and T-shirts among them.

But as much as we love a classic pair, there is always a risk of falling into a bit of a rut with it. Which is why we can always look for new ways to experiment with it, deconstruct it and elevate the results!

So today we’ll be figuring out 5 ways to elevate a denim & t-shirt look:

Bomb Outerwear

The fastest way to take a simple, casual look from basic to upscale is adding a great piece of outerwear. I’ve sung its praises before, and consider good outerwear to be a place you can really invest in your wardrobe.

And especially in the cold months, layering a good looking piece over your outfit is a double win. Feel toasty and look stylish all in one go!

A printed bomber jacket, a lamรฉย blazer, a military inspired pea coat- or a satin trench-coat like the one below are all great ways to elevate any look. They will help compose an outfit that carries you through multiple occasions, from casual to fancy.

Which means less time stressing out about what you’ll wear, and more time having fun and being you!

This button down lightweight trench-coat also doubles as a dress!

A Bold Lip


Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved a straightforward eye look and fresh complexion, coupled with stand-out lips. I feel like a bold lipstick is a power move, and it makes me feel more feminine and fierce.

And what more?

It makes for a quick and easy way to elevate a casual look!

So you feel like reaching for your daily jeans & tee uniform. All you need to take the final look up a notch is a statement lipstick that stays put.

Think deep velvet red, strong plum, metallic fuchsia, or matte burnt orange. They work exceptionally well for colder months- and for summer, I could picture a juicy raspberry, or a glittery rose.

Killer Heels

Not killer painful, just killer hot! A pair of sharp heels will make even the simplest outfit look intentional. Which in the end, I think is the main difference between your run-of-the-mill casual look, and a still comfortable, but stylish one.

Killer heels to elevate a plain outfit

Good looking shoes will draw attention, so don’t neglect them. Patent leather pumps, animal print booties or bejeweled sandals are all perfect choices. The right shoes can take a humble pairing and turn it into a real showstopper!

And if you truly despise wearing heels?

Well, luckily there are plenty of beautiful flat options as well. A pair of metallic brogues, velvet ballet flats or classic Chelsea boots make for an elegant and super comfy choice.

Statement Accessories

There’s no denying it: statement jewelry is enough to take your look from not-bothered-today to fashion icon. A beautiful vintage brooch, a pair of chandelier earrings or an intricate belt are enough to punctuate your look in all the right ways.


But if you’re not a fan of big, chunky pieces, you can always go for dainty jewelry too. Just layer a couple of thin, long necklaces together, or intertwine a few silver bobby pins in your hair. They will be enough to let your own taste shine through an otherwise muted outfit.


Quality Basics

And leaving the best for last:

Start with a good foundation (although this is really the first step!) Yes, T-shirts and jeans are basics, and putting them together is a classic look. But the best way to truly elevate that look is by buying a sturdy pair of jeans and a quality tee.


And if you’re thinking about the costs, know that quality doesn’t always have to mean super pricey. A pair of custom made Levi’s, for example, will indeed set you back a pretty penny.

But remember:

You can always get them at thrift shops instead, and have them adjusted by a handy seamstress. And you will wear them for years, which makes the cost per wear ratio absolutely ideal!


As for quality T-shirts, more and more brands have started offering better products at affordable prices. Take H&M’s Conscious collection, or (again) Levi’s tee’s, which are surprisingly reasonable.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have Wolford or J. Crew, which are not exactly cheap, but will guarantee a great cost per wear ratio.

In conclusion my dears, there are many fun ways to spice up even the most tried and true sartorial combinations. Being chic does not mean being uncomfortable or stuffy- far from it!

But it does mean exercising your imagination, and bringing out your best self. So now tell me: do you often fall into the jeans and t-shirt pattern? And how do you take this uncomplicated look and make it stand out?

Photos byย Natalia Bylok

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