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5 Truly Organic Beauty Products You Should Know About

*March 2020 update:

It has recently become apparent that not all Truly Organic beauty products are indeed 100% organic and vegan.

Since the FTC have raised this complaint, Truly Organic have changed their name to Truly Beauty, and now present their products as a mix of organic and non-organic ingredients.

I can personally say that I remain as happy with the below reviewed products- strictly in terms of performance- as I was when I wrote the original article.

What I’m not happy with however, is a company making false claims about their products. Especially when, in terms of beauty and skincare, consumers need to be able to rely on their honesty.

So please proceed to read, and make your own judgement call. I’m curious also to hear from other Truly Organic buyers- are you aware of this development? And how has it influenced the way you see the brand and its products?

Original article (October 2018):

Since I’ve been doing this whole personal style blogging thing, I’ve been experimenting a lot more with new beauty brands. Some of them were classic drugstore, others more high-end, but lately I’ve been researching organic and cruelty free beauty.

Among the brands I read up on, one stood out from the pack-and made me shell out my bucks! So naturally, I want to spread the word on these 5 Truly Organic beauty products you should know about.

They left a great first (and second) impression on me, so here’s to hoping you’ll love them as much as I do!

5 great Truly Organic beauty products you should know about

If you don’t know much about Truly Organic, they are a US based brand that sells truly organicย beauty products! I know, shocking, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, their products are not only organic, but also vegan, cruelty free, fair trade and responsibly sourced.

Pretty amazing, especially since I’ve been trying to explore more brands with this ethos.

Oh, and their ingredients hail from all over the world, based on what’s in season in a certain area. What more could you possibly ask for from your skincare provider?

Unicorn Hair Repair Hair Mask

I was quite excited to see just how unicorn-y my hair would get after using this mask. I mean, on a scale of The Scarecrow to My Little Pony, my strands usually scream “straws”, not magic.

Unicorn Hair Repair Mask Truly Organic review

But you know what?

After ONE use, I could already see some shine (proof below). A glimmer of hope for my hair, I might say! (Heh, hair puns…) And I was happiest to see that some of my natural waves are making a comeback.

Let’s just say monthly colourings, plus the occasional hot iron to the hair shaft are not exactly shiny waves inducing.

Unicorn Hair Repair Hair Mask shiny hair

Out of the tube, I have to say the super pink colour really surprised me. Maybe it comes from the Acai berry in there? It’s shocking to see just how bright natural dyes can be-but either way, no worries, it doesn’t stain.

Unicorn Hair Repair Hair Mask truly organic

But really, look how pink!

Past the colour, the mask is a lot easier to spread on slightly wet hair, so I first sprayed my strands with water. Then I applied the mask, which despite all the oils, felt extremely lightweight.

I was planning to leave it in for 20 mins, but of course I fell asleep with it on… Next day however, I was beyond happy with my softer, shinier hair!

Plant Shampoo & Conditioner Set

You can definitely buy these separately, of course. I just prefer to treat them like a set because, you know: Shampoo+Conditioner=Love.

Both these items are incredibly lightweight-and that’s how your hair will feel after using them too! Lightweight and clean, but without feeling stripped of its moisture.

Truly Organic Plant Shampoo and Conditioner

Truly Organic Plant Shampoo

I was actually a bit skeptical, because I expected the shampoo to lather and the conditioner to be thicker. You know, like traditional beauty products.

But the verdict was in when my hair dried, and I marveled at how feathery light and untangled it was. I guess African cucumber&Aloe Vera really do your hair so much good!

Truly Organic Plant Shampoo and Plant Conditioner

Doll Face, Face Cream

Thanks to Hyaluronic Acid, Coconut Butter and Aloe Vera, this cream will give you intense hydration.

And I do mean intense!

I was impressed with how soft and moisturized my face felt. But keep in mind that it does need a bit of time to absorb into the skin.

Doll Face Truly Organic Cream

I have normal to mixed skin, but my face starts getting extra dry when the cold hits. So for the upcoming period, I think this cream will prove to be a solid addition to my beauty routine.

But would I use it in the summer?

Probably not. I would have to try it on then to come back with an accurate answer for you guys. Or do you have any experience with it in a warmer climate?

Face Cream Doll Face

Truly Organic Doll Face Cream

Matcha Face Cleanser

The Matcha Face Cleanser was a treat for my face after a full day of filming and photography taking. I added a couple of pumps to my LUNA Play Plus and went to town to remove allll the makeup and grime.

Truly Organic Matcha Cleanser

And remove all traces of makeup it did. BUT it did so without stripping all of the moisture in my face! In fact, the wash felt creamy and gentle, and left my skin feeling nurtured and clean.

Again, great if you have dry or combination skin-for oily skin, proceed with caution!

African Black Soap Face Bar

Of course, as some point I had to give into the charcoal beauty based madness. But hey, what better way to do it than with a completely natural & organic soap bar that uses local ingredients?

African cocoa pod ash and plantain peel ash give this soap a dark, black colour- and your face a rosy glow.

truly organic african soap bar

The Truly Organic bar indeed left my face radiant and actually feeling squeaky clean! So I immediately imagined that my complexion will be feeling dried out and tight after I stepped out of the shower.

But actually, you know what?

I was pleasantly surprised to see that was not the case. It must be the action of the virgin coconut oil and Shea butter that accounted for my still pleasantly moisturized skin.

truly organic beauty soap

And here they were! The 5 Truly Organic beauty products you should know about- at least in my humble opinion. I was so impressed with the quality of the products, and especially pleased to know they are basically skin food.

Now if you have any allergies or sensitivities, make sure to do a patch test beforehand-but otherwise, I think these products are truly great!

Truly Organic safe and clean beauty

Do you have any experience with Truly Organic? Do you actually buy organic/ natural/ cruelty free products, or is this more of a “nice to have”, not a “must”? Let me know in the comments!

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