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5 Tips for Updating Your Classic White Shirt

It’s a crisp, sunny day- blue skies, but with that still too-chilly-for my taste air outside. I get out of bed and groggily set my trusty moka espresso maker on the stove.

Then the question pops into my mind: “Hmm…. what to wear to work today?” I pour the coffee in my favorite mug, with a dash of salt, a splash of milk and a teaspoon of honey. “What to wear, what to wear?” And the answer comes in a pinch: why, my new white shirt, of course!

5 Tips for updating your classic white shirt

A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to retire my classic white shirt and look for a suitable replacement. And while the market is flooded with them, the trusty white shirts every magazine tells us we should own, it wasn’t easy to find the perfect one for me.

So I decided to spill the beans and share my tips on finding that perfectly comfortable and impossibly stylish shirt, in hopes of helping you find yours:

5 Tips for Updating Your Classic White Shirt

Go for a high percentage of natural fibers

Especially important during the warmer months- cotton, linen and quality viscose let your skin breathe. You can also go for a blend with stretchier synthetic fabrics, but make sure the natural ones are predominant. Nothing can beat the comfort and breeziness of a cotton shirt.

Don’t think that white is white is white

As with a wedding dress, you are not doomed to wear bright, snowy white if that particular shade doesn’t suit you. Cream, ivory, apple blossom, bone, porcelain… and the list goes on. There are so many cold or warm hues of white, you’re bound to find one that enhances your complexion.

5 Tips for Updating Your Classic White Shirt

Try different fits

Don’t reach for your hum-drum, slim-fit office white shirt with a bored sigh again. Now don’t get me wrong, they have their place and come in handy, especially for the aforementioned office hours.

white shirt and jeans classic look]

But you may well opt for a very architectural, oversized number, perfect for cocktails and art galleries. Or you may go for a heavily frilled, high neck one, or even for a fluid, sheer shirt that verges on blouse territory. The world is your oyster, treat it as such!

5 Tips for Updating Your Classic White Shirt

Don’t confine it to office hours

And speaking of the white shirt- office job dream team, don’t think you can’t break these two up! Have fun with your white shirt, and experiment- discover its playfulness and versatility.

Dare to pair it with everything in your closet: wear it under dresses, with denim cutoffs, next to brocade skirts and chandelier earrings, or denim jackets and bangles. The white shirt can easily become your go-to in all sorts of situations, so let it wow you!

5 Tips for Updating Your Classic White Shirt

Let it reflect your style

Above all, the next white shirt you pick out should be a reflection on your style. Whether it’s aย boho one that swishes with your every move, or a completely classic and refined one for the minimalists, buy the shirt that screams YOU. This way, you’ll keep reaching for it over and over again!

5 Tips for Updating Your Classic White Shirt

I really hope you enjoyed this read, and that it helps you find YOUR perfect white shirt. And if you want the proverbial shirt off my back, here it is, at ASOS.

Grabbed a wonderful shirt, but you’re wonderingย how to style it and where to wear it? I’ve got just the video for you!

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