5 Tips For A Perfect Red Lip

Red lipstick can be the epitome of elegance and femininity. But I still see it intimidating plenty of women. So what can you do to turn a red lip into your signature look? What are the best tips for a perfect red lip?

Match your red to your skin colour and undertone

Yes yes, here we go again with the undertone- but trust me, it’s well worth considering it. Reds can be blue based or more orange/ yellow based, and you can use the multitude of shades in between to really enhance your complexion.

5 Tips For A Perfect Red Lip

As a rule of thumb, warm undertones should aim for more orange based reds, and cool undertones for blue based reds. Just picture how lively a vermilion, candied apple or strawberry shade would look on a light, warm complexion, while cranberry, scarlet and ruby red would look amazing on a deeper coloured, warm skin. And how royal would cool toned skin shades look with a splash of raspberry wine, crimson, burgundy, dark cherry red or oxblood?

Take your eye colour into consideration

This is a trick I just recently learned about actually, so I’m very excited to share it with you. According to makeup artist Tim Quinn, eye colour is a much more accurate predictor than skin colour when it comes to the shade of red lipstick you should be going for.

5 Tips For A Perfect Red Lip

Green, hazel and light brown eyes should aim for warmer (orange based) reds, to bring out the golden flecks in them, while dark brown eyes should aim for deeper, more berry red hues, to bring out the mahogany tints. Blue eyed beauties can count on true reds (think fire hydrant).

Let the red stand out

Wearing red lipstick is a statement in itself. It’s a beautiful colour to let shine alone, so my recommendation would be to keep your look as sleek and fresh as possible. Maybe don’t pile on the red lipstick, smokey eyes and contouring during the day (Instagram makeup is not real-life, day to day makeup!); but do try a classic look: winged black eyeliner, mascara and a touch of highlighter are red lipstick’s dream squad.

Don’t “save” it just for nighttime or special occasions

Red is a great choice for swanky cocktail parties and elegant dinners, but don’t limit your wearing it to just these outings. A red lip can pull you out of a moody weekday morning the moment you add it to your charcoal pencil dress and office blazer. It can also make you look chic in just one swipe, paired with an oversized white shirt and classic jeans, when meeting your girlfriends after hours.

classic women's red lipstick and brown watch.jpg

Consider the finish and texture as well

The same shade of a lippie will look completely different on you if it’s velvety matte, satin or vinyl finish. For example, while you can wear a strong, bold matte lip at work, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you wear an overtly sensual, glossy one in the same kind of environment.

The texture and application also count a great deal, especially with a strong colour! You don’t want any patchiness or creasing in your lip lines, because it will be even more noticeable than with a nude. Also, consider updating the finish and shade by season- I feel like a “wet” lip (glossy, vinyl finishes) look amazing in the summer, while plush mattes work great for winter.

5 Tips For A Perfect Red Lip

Now let me hear it: have you found your true red shade yet? If so, which is it and what made you settle on that one?

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