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5 Tips for Making Fast-Fashion a Little Slower

With slow versus fast fashion becoming more and more a discussion that can’t be ignored, I think it’s important that we all know a few simple ways we can help. While fashion will always take a toll on the environment, we can at least try reducing our consumption and making fast-fashion a little slower.

And here are my 5 favorite ways to:

5 Tips for Making Fast-Fashion a Little Slower

Only buy what you truly love

Buying for the sake of buying and just piling clothes in your wardrobe does nothing but encourage unsustainable fashion production. Considering how many clothing items end up in landfills,ย  here’s how you can help.

Make this promise to yourself:

To only buy items that fit you well, that feel great and look the part for your daily activities!

5 Tips for Making Fast-Fashion a Little Slower

Care for your clothes

And once you buy that swoon-worthy dress, or that bag that cost you a month’s rent but “was totally worth it”, take care of them. It’s not only budget friendly, but by extending the life of your pieces, you are helping slow fast fashion down.

So what do you need to do?

Read the labels, buy the proper detergents (even natural ones if you prefer) and wash the clothes as indicated. You’ll be surprised at how much longer your wardrobe will last AND look amazing!

On this point, I’d also skip the dryer in favor of air drying if you have the option to.

5 Tips for Making Fast-Fashion a Little Slower
A-line skirts will have my heart forever- especially ones with exotic prints!

Look for quality fabrics

Cotton, linen, viscose, silk, wool and blends where these fabrics are predominant will last longer, look better and feel more comfortable against your skin. While you will probably need to wash a polyester top after every single wear, natural fibers will not cause you to sweat as much, and will allow you to breathe.

So especially for summer, reach for more natural alternatives! Feel free to shop slow & organic if you can, but even fast fashion brands have plenty of natural fiber options (like my cotton Sheinside dressย here)- just read the labels.

5 Tips for Making Fast-Fashion a Little Slower

Challenge yourself to shop your closet more

This goes hand in hand with my first point. When you buy pieces you actually love, you will be more tempted to reach for them numerous time, instead of going shopping again.

This one is crucial:

The ability to successfully shop your closet is the ultimate sign of sophistication and style to me. Shopping is certainly fun, and we all need to breathe new life into our wardrobes from time to time.

But it takes a lot more imagination and finesse to create multiple outfits with items you already own.

5 Tips for Making Fast-Fashion a Little Slower
Add neutrals to a printed dress to take it from casual to work ready

Shop for versatile pieces you can mix and match

And to increase your chances of successfully shopping your closet, count on versatile pieces that can easily be paired together. One dress can take you from the boardroom to the bar by just changing the accessories and adding or taking off your blazer.

Just as the same striped T-shirt can be easily paired with a pleated metallic skirt, a pair of ink blue jeans, or be knotted at the waist to top off a slinky summer dress. It’s as simple as that to look chic while getting all you can out of your clothes!

5 Tips for Making Fast-Fashion a Little Slower

So now that you’ve read my tips for slowing down fast fashion, let me know if you have any tricks of your own! Is fast fashion something that concerns you?

Oh, and if you have any favorite slow fashion brands, I would love to know which ones they are!

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