5 Things to Know About the LUNA Play Plus

5 Things to Know About the LUNA Play Plus

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done a skincare post, so today I wanted to share  the latest addition to my beauty cabinet: the LUNA Play Plus. FOREO were kind enough to send me the little facial cleansing brush, and I was really curious to see how it would perform and how it would fit my skin regimen.

I also had questions before getting started, and the main one was “Will it irritate my skin??” So here’s what I learned about this device after a month of using it:

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5 Things to Know About the LUNA Play Plus

It evens out your skin texture

This is something I noticed after the second use! I  was expecting softer, smoother skin at about the 1 month mark, considering that’s how long it usually takes treatments to work their magic. But the LUNA Play Plus made my face feel amazing almost immediately, which was a huge bonus.

It has 2 types of bristles

Which makes it great for combination complexions. If you’re a fellow oily T-zone sufferer with slightly dehydrated cheeks, then you know exactly what I mean.

While my combination skin isn’t too bad, I am constantly fighting blackheads on my forehead, nose and chin- which is where the larger bristles come in handy. Then the fine silicone bristles can have at it on my cheeks, neck and even decolletage, to remove makeup and dead skin cells.

5 Things to Know About the LUNA Play Plus

The brush is a no-no around the eye area though (duh!)- which is where I always use oil to remove make-up. I usually clean my eye & lip makeup with an oil soaked cotton pad after doing my whole face routine, is that weird? Curious to hear how you guys do it.

5 Things to Know About the LUNA Play Plus

The LUNA Play Plus is incredibly gentle 

Considering how well it cleans. This was the big one, my main concern- I was a bit apprehensive about using the device on the daily, although FOREO recommend that you use it even twice a day! So I figured 2-3 times a week would do it, just as I use my regular exfoliating masks.

But the little brush was very gentle on my skin, and never irritated it- so I ended up using it every other day in the end with my Holy Land Cosmetics Vitalise Cleanser. Of course, it depends a lot on you as well. Try sticking to the recommended 1 minute overall cleanse, and don’t rub forcefully.

5 Things to Know About the LUNA Play Plus

The LUNA Play Plus proved to be invaluable for fully cleaning my skin on days when I was filming or taking pics for the blog- because that’s when I have a full face of makeup on. I was shocked at how much more makeup I was pulling out of my pores compared to  my regular cleaning process.

No notice at the 1 minute mark

Now speaking of sticking to the 1 minute cleansing routine, you’ll want to keep an eye on the watch, or set a timer alarm on your phone. The device won’t automatically stop after 1 minute, so keep in mind to switch sides and stop after a minute.

5 Things to Know About the LUNA Play Plus

It runs on changeable batteries!

While watching and reading the reviews of other Youtubers/bloggers about the FOREO facial brushes, I saw a lot of them were complaining about the LUNA Play not being rechargeable or running on batteries.

Well, fear not! The LUNA Play Plus runs on changeable batteries, which means you can keep it forever. Which is exactly what I’m planning to do!

5 Things to Know About the LUNA Play Plus

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