5 Things on My Christmas Wish List This Year
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5 Things on My Christmas Wish List This Year

Black Friday & Cyber Monday came and went- and with them, shopping upon shopping. And while my wallet remained safely in its place, I still started pencilling in my list of seasonal wishes. After all, Santa was kind enough to read last year’s list

And while you can’t buy health, peace or happiness (which are always the ultimate wishes), you can buy these 5 things on my Christmas wish list! Have a quick look, maybe it will give you some ideas for your own gift buying session:

5 things on my christmas wish list.jpg

The gift of beauty:

Every year, Sephora come out with their Give Me More Lip sets. And every year I pine for them- because sadly, they’re a bit harder to get in Europe. Well this year’s set is the best one yet, so I’m determined to get my little paws on it!

The gift of fashion:

My heart always beats faster when I see one of the gorgeous Self-Portrait creations! They are just the perfect balance of feminine, edgy and interesting… Which makes them the perfect gift for a fashion lover, don’t you think?

The gift of reading:

I don’t know if you’ve read The Designerย yet, but I fully recommend it! If you’re a Dior fan, you’ll love it; and if you’re not yet, it will turn you into one. Now I’m eyeing a beautiful coffee table book based on Dior’s relationship with Impressionism.

The gift of home decor:

I’ve been a fan of French antique style furniture for as long as I can remember. Basically, I would’ve moved into Marie Antoinette’s Grand Trianon by now, had it been at all hmm… permited? So bringing a little piece of that vintage magic into my home viaย Etsyย would be the next best thing.

The gift of me-time:

With all the 9-to-5 and 5-to-9 weekly workdays, time is a HOT commodity. Especially indulgent, relaxing me-time that erases all the stress and late nights. Which is where a super luxurious spa treatment would come very much in handy. You can give this lovely gift to yourselves, or to someone you know needs a bit of TLC.

So darlings, these were the 5 gifts I’ve put on my list this year… well, at least the shoppable ones. For all the rest, it’s my own part as much as that of the people around me to make sure our holidays are very merry indeed! I’m curious to hear if you’ve started writing your Christmas lists yet. What lovely presents are you eyeing? Let me know down below!


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