5 style lessons i got from my mama
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5 Style Lessons I Got From My Mama

Last year I was telling you guys that my mom is one of my main sources of style inspiration. And with the Internet blowing up with celebrations for Mother’s Day this past Sunday, I couldn’t help but be inspired to think about the lessons I learned from my mom.

Style wise, I definitely got it from my mama! So here are the main things she taught me about fashion, beauty and being a woman:

Always wear lipstick

It may not be everyone’s favorite beauty product, but for me, lipstick is theย ultimate makeup staple. I can never help buying it or trying it on!

5 Style Lessons I Got From My Mama

And I think part of this love stems from my childhood, from seeing my mom always applying it before going anywhere. She showed me that with a simple gesture you can look more feminine, put together and in control.

Skirts & dresses over pants

Again, this is more my personal favorite than a style must, but I am a skirts & dresses gal through and through. I loved watching my mom put on beautiful skirt suits for her job, and don wonderful gowns for nights out with my dad. I couldn’t wait to be grown up enough so I could do the same!

5 Style Lessons I Got From My Mama

No pair of pants will ever give me the same feeling of strong, fierce femininity that a pencil skirt does, just as no pair of bermudas will make me feel as delicate and graceful as a full circle skirt. Pants sure have their place in any wardrobe, but my heart belongs to their more flouncy counterparts.

Skincare trumps makeup

Now this is a lesson from my mom that I believe is universally applicable. No matter how much quality makeup you have, you need to take care of the canvas you apply it on: aka your face!

5 Style Lessons I Got From My Mama


There is no need to spend all your money on pricey facial treatments, serums and creams- even a consistent routine with products suitable to your own needs will leave you looking more radiant and healthy.ย Makeup can just go on top as a treat!

Quality first!ย 

This is a non-negotiable, and again, a lesson I think is pretty much universally applicable. A quality purchase will always be more desirable than a quick & cheap thrill that will not last long, and will soon leave you in need of shopping for a replacement.

5 Style Lessons I Got From My Mama
Quality bag + a good price = your AHA moment!

And I’m not saying you need to break the bank here, but just be mindful while shopping. Get informed about quality brands that produce durable items, because this also makes for a more sustainable consumption of fashion. Keep an eye out for promotions and sales, and learn to delay gratification by saving up for one good buy that will make you happy, instead of 5 mediocre ones that you will seldom wear.

Invest in yourself

And last but definitely not least, my mom taught me I need to invest in myself. No amount of fancy clothes can disguise a vulgar behavior, and no lipstick- no matter how ruby perfect- can make a mouth that only spews venom look pretty.

5 style lessons i got from my mama

First and foremost, my mom taught me that I need to consistently educate myself, constantly learn, always improve and keep an open mind. And this is my favorite lesson I ever learned from her.

As this post is more personal than others, I hope you enjoyed gaining a peek into the things I picked up from my main feminine role model growing up.

5 style lessons i got from my mama


I would love to also know what the best lessons your moms have ever taught you were, and I hope that you had a lovely Mother’s Day! For all those of you who may not have your mothers with you anymore, I hope you always remember them fondly, and know that a part of themselves is reflected in the women you yourselves have become.

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