5 Strong Arguments for Curating a Wardrobe You LOVE
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5 Strong Arguments for Curating a Wardrobe You LOVE

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often forget about one of the most essential parts of it: our wardrobes. We stock’em up nice and high with new buys, which we then push to the back to make room for new things.

And then what happens?

That’s right: we complain we have nothing to wear. Or we pine for beautiful things we can’t afford, rather than shop our own closets.

But I’m not looking to preach or scold- far from it. I also used to not pay so much attention to thoroughly curating my wardrobe. I never hoarded clothes or accessories I didn’t wear, but I also kept clothes that felt just OK (not great!)

So I often ended up wearing the same things over and over again, which completely stifled my creativity. And also made me not so happy with my style…

5 Strong Arguments for Curating a Wardrobe You LOVE

“No more!” I said one day, and decided to take control of my wardrobe. I wanted it to reflect ME- my style, my passions, my mind. And since it made me feel so much happier and more confident when I finally did, I wanted to share my thoughts on this experience with you!

Which brings me to today’s subject: 5 strong arguments for curating a wardrobe you LOVE!

A good wardrobe saves you from the “I don’t know what to wear today” syndrome.

I think we’ve all been here, right?

A full wardrobe with nothing to wear. Yet again. At 8 o’clock in the morning, when you’re in a hurry…

This is usually the result of an overflowing closet that simply… flows in the wrong direction. Whether it’s full of clothes that don’t inspire you, that are out of style, don’t fit or simply don’t fit your lifestyle, one thing is clear: it needs an overhaul.

5 Strong Arguments for Curating a Wardrobe You LOVE

And once you overhaul it, you will be left with a wardrobe that is none of the above!

Instead you will have a breezier and more streamlined closet. And most importantly, you will see everything you own more clearly. And find what you need more easily.

Trust me when I say this:

There are fewer moments of sartorial indecision (and even panic) when you know all of the pieces you reach for are in good condition, well-fitting and to your taste.

A wardrobe you love allows you to shop smarter and more efficiently.

Since you know everything you have in your closet- and you love every part of it- it will be easier to shop. When you have a carefully selected wardrobe, you also become more selective when introducing new pieces into it.

how to only keep items you love in your wardrobe

You will know more clearly what is missing and what you actually need. And therefore, you will shop less and less for filler pieces.

You know which ones I mean!

Those fast-food type pieces: great for satisfying a momentary craving, but not that great long term.

Once you’ve made the effort of curating a wardrobe you truly love, you won’t want to clutter it back up. Instead, it will inspire you to search for those high quality pieces that last for multiple years, not one season.

Ergo- more time for you AND more money in your pocket in the long run!

A curated closet makes you happier and more confident.

5 Strong Arguments for Curating a Wardrobe You LOVE

A while ago, I was discussing about how we all want to exude self-confidence, and how our style can help us in that direction.

Because let’s face it:

Once we take our time to slowly get rid of clothes that make us feel “meh”, and instead add items that just feel “WOW!”, we do become more confident. More confident in our choices, in our personal style, and in how we manage to translate our personality into it.

Style can be a great means of expressing who we are and what we want to put forward, after all. So why not give ourselves the joy of building a wardrobe that makes us happy, and is in line with our style?

Mind you, I’m not advising spending the monthly budget on it, not at all. I’m just advocating for shopping less, but better. And don’t forget to also search for quality pieces in outlets, vintage shops and local clothing fairs!

A suitable wardrobe reduce your anxiety.

Coming back to my first point, an overly cluttered closet can make you feel anxious and stressed out. Not knowing exactly what you have in there, keeping clothes that will fit “one day” (when you plan on being thinner, fuller, more fit etc.) will make you feel bad.

And that’s so not the point of style!

5 Strong Arguments for Curating a Wardrobe You LOVE

So what do you need to do?

Easy: remove toxic items just as you would toxic people- without any guilt. At the end, you will be left with pieces that actually bring you joy. Pieces that you never have to be anxious about, because they fit you well, they fit together, and they make you feel like a million bucks.

Any time you reach for them.

A great wardrobe will give you ample choice for any occasion.

And speaking of any time you reach for your clothes, a few special occasions are bound to come into any of our lives. Be it friends’ weddings, concerts or ballet shows, awards ceremonies, cocktail parties, we do have to dress up to the nines every once in a while.

what a beautiful wardrobe can do for you

And while dressing up to the nines is open to interpretation depending on each of our own preferences, we all know when we look great. Because it makes us feel great!

So stock up on a few pieces that can seamlessly carry you from the office to the bar next door to an after hours lounge, and you’ll be golden.

I promise you:

You will never have to go on a last minute shopping trip for a satin top or a fitted wrap skirt to suit a fancier decor again. And that alone has to be a pretty dang good motivator right there! Right?

In just 5 easy points, I hope I’ve convinced you all of the need to build a curated wardrobe. A wardrobe you LOVE. Yes, it takes time in the beginning, and some financial investment along the way, but the result will be worthwhile.

5 Strong Arguments for Curating a Wardrobe You LOVE

Now I’m curious to hear how many of you are happy with your existing wardrobes? Are you excited with how your closets look? Or are you currently in that “can’t be bothered” phase? Dish it in the comments below!

Photos by Natalia Bylok, edited by me

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