5 Steps to Your Perfect Spring Coat Look
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5 Steps to Your Perfect Spring Coat Look

With spring knocking on our door (quite hesitantly, I may add), we all turn our attention to our warmer weather wardrobe. So do you know how to find your perfect spring coat, and how to make the most of it?

5 Steps to Your Perfect Spring Coat Look

Find your best fit

As I was mentioning in my previous article on outerwear, a coat can help balance out your silhouette through extra details and accents (think embroidery, appliques and ruching). But the tailoring itself can also sculpt a beautiful silhouette- just think fitted and elegant rather than overly bundled up Michelin man.

5 Steps to Your Perfect Spring Coat Look

Try belting it

This is a super simple tip to apply, and one that will have you looking like a street style maven in 5 seconds flat. Sure, my coat comes with a belt of its own, but I could easily switch it for some extra customization. You can always add a belt to cocoon coats, trench coats or duster coats to give them a more structured, polished and flattering look.

5 Steps to Your Perfect Spring Coat Look

Think about practicality too 

Now, as much as you may want to look fashionable and put together, the truth is a wool duster coat will need some extra help when it comes to wind (although they really withstand rain well on their own). Which is when you can go two different routes: buy an additional jacket, like an anorak, thin parka or trench coat to withstand inclement weather, OR layer really well underneath your wool one.

5 Steps to Your Perfect Spring Coat Look

You can do so with a (faux) fur vest layered over your outfit underneath (like I did here), or even with a thin quilted down vest. Health first, guys!

Don’t shy away from colour

I am a huge advocate of nailing down your classics first, and only then adding fun pops to your wardrobe. But surprisingly enough, I have been able to wear my red coat to pretty much every outfit for a few springs now (it’s an oldie but goldie for me). Red is not a neutral by any means, but it pulls focus and makes any outfit look intentional.

5 Steps to Your Perfect Spring Coat Look

So why not try a strong colour this spring- like a royal blue, hunter green, canary yellow or even fuchsia- and stand out in a sea of neutrals and pastels?

Care for your coat

Once you’ve found that perfect coat, I can imagine you won’t want to part with it anytime soon, right? So then you will need to pay extra attention to how you care for it and store it. Look at the labels inside to see how to treat the fabric (recommended washing temperature, balm or no balm, dry cleaning only etc.).

5 Steps to Your Perfect Spring Coat Look

And once spring is over, make sure you store your (clean!) coat in a dry place, with a little bag of lavender in each pocket to ward off any moths. Then your coat will be ready for you next time you need it, and it will still be in tip-top condition. Trust me- I’ve had this coat for 8 years now!

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