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5 SS17 Trends I’m Loving

Each season women tend to flock to fashion websites, magazines and online stylists, fervently trying to find out: “What’s in style this season?”, “What should I get rid of?” and “What must-haves do I need in my closet?” Which is why today I want to share 5 SS17 trends I’m loving- maybe you’ll love them too this season!

Right now, stores are abounding with new tendencies. Magazine pictorials showcase daring and sometimes downright bizarre pieces. And the whole exercise of trying to fit in with the season can go from exciting to exhausting pretty fast.


I’m of the “style trumps fashion” persuasion. Your personal style will shine through all the seasonal fads and short-lived trends. You don’t need to follow what catwalks dictate, what celebrities flaunt or what Instagram models propose as desirable or suitable for the season.

If you are assured of your own taste and preferences, if you know what looks not just good- but amazing on you, and which pieces bring out your favorite features, then you’re all set for the season! That being said, nobody says you have to deny yourself the pleasure of perusing a few fashion blogs or skimming the pages of fashion editorials, just to see what’s new and interesting on the market.

Each season offers you the opportunity of adopting a few key pieces that are compatible with your core style, but that will bring a fresh, vibrant air to your wardrobe. So why not check what’s new, even if it’s only from an FYI perspective? Then you can decide if you really want to incorporate any of the new directions into your own looks.

And here’s what’s inspiring me for SS17:

Cold Shoulders & Peekaboo Cut-Outs

Now cut-outs and cold shoulders have been around for at least the last couple of seasons. So I won’t say they just “popped up” this spring.


However, it seems like the market is now flooded with these items! The runways were saturated with bold cutouts and bare shoulders, and street style fashionistas have taken very kindly to this trend.

As far as I’m concerned, I love the addition of bare shoulders (hello, Bardot tops!) to pretty much any outfit. Which makes this cold-shoulder crop top is pure perfection to me. I chose to combine it with a flowery circle skirt for a very well defined fit and flare silhouette. Then I punctuated the outfit with bold lipstick and flower earrings.


Gingham style

Gingham is one of the more recent trends. And was an unlikely candidate to become popular among the sartorial icons and taste makers. With its almost childish and somewhat naive qualities- reminiscent more of picniques and Little House on the Prairie than uber-cool, slick trendsetters- gingham has now been given a new dimension.

The large public has started to adopt it more and more, while streetstyle mavens just can’t seem to get enough of it. And neither can the likes of Anna Wintour. Which means that one thing’s for sure- it will perfect for this summer!

My gingham love came in the form of this beautiful Mango skirt. Which a couple seasons ago would have been the embodiment of everything I hated style-wise! Ruffles? And gingham?? Together??? Oh, please… “Three X’s from the judges”, “You will not be moving to the next round”, “Take off your jacket and leave Hell’s Kitchen”. Ahem, you get my drift- I was totally opposed to these 2 details, especially combined.

And then The Skirt emerged, looking all feminine, enchanting and oh so flattering- and I was sold. It’s now one of my favorite pieces, especially since it’s unbelievably versatile for styling.


If you want to see a more detailed review of The Skirt just click here to watch the full video. More trendy gingham, yay!

Polka Dots

Deliberately sweet and girly, polka dots have been the darlings of this year’s collections. A super fun and classic graphic print, polka dots were incorporated into resort collections, fancy evening wear and casual street fashion. Big, small and anywhere in between- on tops, dresses, pants or bags- there is no denying that polka dots are here to stay (at least for the season).


As a long time fan of theirs, I was, of course, delighted! They remind me so much of iconic 50’s ladies. Clad in fit and flare dotted dresses, with a curl in their hair and a smear of red on their lips, their cat eye so sharp it could cut through glass. Aah… swoon worthy perfection.

And considering how easy dots are to pair with other prints, how could you not love them? Polka dots work wonders next to stripes or florals, and add a welcome pop of interest to an otherwise plain, solid-colour outfit.


Oh, and let’s not forget polka dot shoes. Need I say more?

Urban mermaids

Beautiful mystical creatures with the power to attract and kill men at sea, sirens have always held a dangerous fascination. And this season, sirens are coming out on land- just try to resist their deadly sweet tunes!

With everyone’s recent fascination towards shimmer, iridescence and punchy colours, it was only a matter of time until mermaids joined the ranks of unicorns as style inspiration. And yes, I do realize how that sounds- and no, I didn’t just make that up. Objects of fantasy, sirens inspire us to reach for sea green dresses, coral hued tops, bubblegum lipstick and shimmery sequined skirts. Not to mention all the white and gold jewelry that beautifully accentuates aqua shades and a tan skin.


And if you don’t want to look like a mermaid head-to-toe, you can start with some fun accents. Go for cobalt and turquoise eyeliner and textured beach hair (easily achievable with the help of sea salt sprays). Then just add some bright pops of color on your lips or even mermaid nails. Go on, give Ariel a run through her money!

And a closer look at those nails. I know you want to…


Tropical Botanics

Imagine a dense, rich, humid jungle, abounding with lush foliage, exotic birds and jewel like fruits hanging from branches. Now imagine taking this rich tapestry and placing it smack down in the middle of your top. Does that sound thrilling or scary to you?

For SS17, designers have once again put florals front and center. But this time, they weren’t your typical dainty or pastel ones. Oh no, the floral prints of 2017 are bright, bold, wild and in your face- just the way I like them!


These prints can be easily adopted in urban settings, making you feel like an Amazon of the concrete jungle. With deep and rich colors, the botanical prints of this summer work incredibly well with tan skin. Just add a deep, velvety red lip, or a stack of colourful bangles and a wash of watermelon on your lips.

Be as colourful as a Toucan, if you like! Embrace strong shades of yellow, incandescent tones of orange, plush reds and deep, succulent greens. You can always start small, with a crop top. Then build up to head-to-toe outfits, or dive right in with a maxi dress.

If you made it til the end, thank you very much for reading! I do hope that my picks have inspired you to go out there and test the waters of the SS17 trends. Toy with this summer’s trends as you wish, but remember- whichever you choose, it should first and foremost be you. It should make you feel comfortable and radiant and add to your beauty. If it doesn’t, then just leave it in the shop, it’s not for you.

So please, do share in the comments below what your favorite trends are this season. How do you incorporate them into your everyday style? I’m curious to hear what you think of my choices, and what’s at the top of your preferences.

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