5 Reasons I Love Brooches
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5 Reasons I Love Brooches

I still giggle a bit remembering the first personal style video I ever did. It was clumsy, the lighting wasn’t great, and I just had to WORK at it. But I was so, so very excited to be sharing some inspiration on one of my biggest pet passions: brooches!

Almost 2 years later, and it’s one of the videos you guys liked most! So I thought I’d delve a bit deeper into the subject, and share with you 5 reasons I love brooches. Because yep, they’re still high on my list of favourite accessories.

And who knows?

Maybe after reading this, they’ll be on yours too:

5 reasons I love brooches

They are ultra feminine.

Indeed, brooches have been historically worn by men and women alike in Roman, Greek, Viking and Celtic societies. But post 19th century brooches became more and more ornate, and became widely recognized as beautiful embellishments for women’s hats, dresses, jackets and even gloves.

Which doesn’t mean that guys can’t borrow them too- just saying!

They have a vintage, demure air.

Some women consider brooches to be a bit old fashioned.

But you know what?

For lovers of vintage, demure or granny chic style, they are golden! A pin can help you express your romantic, dreamy, whimsical side. Or they can be playful, elegant, and even regal looking.

They can be an amazing looking “olden days” piece in contrast to your modern day outfit.

They aren’t so commonplace.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but brooches aren’t the most popular accessories. Which doesn’t mean you should steer clear too- on the contrary! It just means that brooches will provide you a more unique look.

And if you’re after truly one of a kind pieces, hit up the vintage markets. Make sure to do your research before buying, then have fun!

They easily provide a big visual impact.

If you’re tired of statement necklaces or big earrings, you can always rely on a brooch. Pin one (or a couple) to your blouse, hat or bag, and watch people “Ooh!” and “Aah!” over them.

The most fun part?

You can mix and match your pieces, and rely on your pins for an outfit pick-me-up.

They can be worn in a myriad of ways.

Five of which you can find below, in that very first video I was telling you about:

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and I’m super curious to hear if you’re as fanatic for brooches as I am. Let me know down below!


  • dontjudgemeblogger

    That’s so true, brooches are not a common accessory seen today. But I love this post and seeing how great they can be and how they can add to an outfit! I’ve always loved vintage anything especially if it has meaning to me! So I always find myself going through my late great grandmothers jewelry… and she loved brooches! Great post!

    -Veronica Olafsen

    • mystyle5

      That sounds absolutely great, Veronica! And what a beautiful way to also maintain the connection with your great grandma. Thank you for the lovely comment, I’m so glad you liked the post!

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