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5 Questions to Ask Yourself While Shopping

Hi ladies (and gents)! As we are still in the January sales season, I thought you might need a little aid in this seasonal battle against your wallet.

I know it’s not always easy to say NO to a shiny new garment, especially since new clothing always has somewhat of a magic feeling; but then again, shopping for the sake of shopping deserves an even louder NO in my book.

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Which is why I devised this quick and simple 5 steps flowchart to determine if you really do need that extra piece you have your hands on (well, with a little 4b addendum).

And the best part is you can definitely use it after the sales season is long gone! Just think of it as your portable shopping concierge, ready to pop out from your phone at all times to keep you in check and make sure you only purchase items you really, truly love and need.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself While Shopping

1. Does it fit perfectly?

Does it fit and flatter you and your current silhouette to a T? Not your future “ideal” body, when you lose or gain 20 pounds, but your current one. If it doesn’t, then leave it.

2. Is it good quality? 

This is a no-brainer: hunt for (discounted) high-quality items; the low quality ones will break down, lose shape/colour and will need replacing far quicker.

3. Can you wear it at least once a month? 

Depending on the size of your wardrobe, you will rotate your clothes more or less often, so this is relative. But if you can’t at least foresee one monthly occasion when you might wear that new item, toss it!

4. Is it a wardrobe staple? 

You know I strongly advocate building your staple collection first, and only then adding the fun pieces. Don’t go running after every trend in town, or you’ll end up throwing out your entire closet with every season.

  • 4b.. Is it at least a memorable piece? Ok ok, I do understand that sometimes you want to get your hands on some trendy pieces too. Maybe you already have enough classics and want to go wild- if so, choose a really special piece, a true conversation starter that will give new life to your looks.

5. Does it make you smile?

If you can’t find even one thing that makes you happy about a potential purchase- be it the colour, fit, the feel of its fabric, it’s not worth it.

Happy shopping, let me know in the comments what amazing pieces you bagged this season!

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