5 Little Hacks for Styling Slouchy Sweaters
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5 Little Hacks for Styling Slouchy Sweaters

I don’t know about you lovelies, but by the time February hits, I’m already over this whole winter thing. Sure, snow is cute-until it gets mushy and dirty. And foggy mornings about town, latte in hand are very romantic- until your nose and ears freeze.

So to give my mood a little pick me up, I turn to my chunky sweaters that feel like a wearable hug. But as casual-comfy as they are, turning them into a stylish look can be challenging.

Which is why I thought I’d let you know the 5 little hacks for styling slouchy sweaters I always turn to:

Give it some shape

A big, slouchy knit is relaxed by definition, right? So you can count on it giving you that off-duty-but-still-trendy look with minimal effort.

And what does that effort come down to?

It comes in the shape of giving your sweater some shape! Because yes, an oversized slouchy sweater should still look relaxed, but it shouldn’t overwhelm your frame. And it certainly shouldn’t hang like a potato sack!

how to look your best in oversized knits..jpg

The easiest way to ensure your sweater has a bit of structure without losing its casual air? The combination of pushing its sleeves up a bit + the (by now) famous half-tuck. It’s a quick way to whip a shapeless garment into shape, and give it an actual, current look.

I wouldn’t recommend a full tuck, just because of the sheer volume of fabric, but the half-tuck is perfect.

And an extra bonus it brings?

It makes your legs look miles long, since the half-tuck visually raises your waistline.

half tuck oversized sweater for a flattering look..jpg

Treat it as a statement piece

I believe that whenever a big, slouchy sweater is involved in an outfit, it deserves to be given center stage. After all, it would be quite hard not to!

And what’s the best way to take advantage of that?

Since a slouchy knit sweater has showstopper potential, I made sure to choose it in a flattering shade. Which is generally a good rule of thumb if you’re confused about which colours to wear how!

Styling Slouchy Sweaters for winter..jpg

If an item sits close to your face, you’re best off with a shade you know looks amazing with your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. (That for me happens to be blush-rose for example.) The further down your outfit you go, you can start wearing shades that don’t necessarily compliment your complexion.

Bottom line:

This is a good rule of thumb for when you want to look like the best, shiniest you! It doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world if you flip the colour placement, of course. But it’s a great tip to kick your looks up a notch.

slouchy blush sweater asos..jpg

Keep it clean and simple

casual stylish outfit..jpg

We’ve established that statement knits are fab stand-outs. So why not take advantage of their statement piece potential, and downplay the rest of your outfit? Easy-peasy, and you have your next go-to look!

My slouchy sweater outfit pieces?

The most-classic-of-them-all true blue jeans, my aubergine trenchcoat, and black booties. All muted and clear-cut, no unnecessary frills. Nothing to take away from the majestic fluffiness that is this sweater.

But don’t forget the accessories

Simple doesn’t have to mean boring. You can always add fun little details to your outfit, through accessories, or even through your make-up or manicure.

accessorize details make the look..jpg

I personally love the combination of red and pink! So I was happy to add a bright pop of red polish next to this pink sweater. Plus, I think it also looks pretty dang good against my black bag with intricate details.

Now the makeup:

I wanted to keep it quite muted, with a pink-gold  gloss, lightly blushed cheeks, and a cat eyeliner. But I added a massive pair of tassel earrings- that were still in the blush pink colour family.

It’s all about striking a balance to get that cohesive look, people!

sweater and denim look..jpg

Layer it under a trenchcoat

And since it’s February and we’re all sick of winter, and impatiently waiting for warmer days, why not coax their arrival a bit? If you’re tired of your thick winter coats, spring  for a trenchcoat!

slouchy sweater and trenchcoat outfit february..jpg

A little word to the wise:

Styling Slouchy Sweaters for spring.Don’t jump the gun now with a satin or organza one- there are plenty of months ahead for them! But your sturdy, water-repellent, windproof gabardine trench will be perfect for cold days.

Actually, the combination of thick knits to trap warm air in + a solid trenchcoat to keep cold air outside will make you feel like you’re in a cocoon. And a very, very chic cocoon at that!

Plus, flirting with your warmer weather items already will breathe new life into your  winter outfits. It will help ease you into that spring feeling, and get you excited about dressing up again! And isn’t that the purpose of fashion, really?

As you can tell, I think chunky knits are a definitive staple in our wardrobe. They are basically bulletproof on those days you want to feel relaxed and cozy, while still looking good.

So now I would love to know how you style big, clouchy sweaters. Did my examples help spark some of your own?

Photos by Natalia Bylok, edited by me

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5 Little Hacks for styling slouchy sweater in winter..jpg

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