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5 Last Minute Style Tricks for the Holiday Party Season

The holiday season is near- and with it come the excess eating, partying, champagne drinking and maybe even (gasp!) falling asleep with your sweaty makeup on! So what’s a girl to do when she wants to keep looking glowy and healthy night after night, hopping from one Christmas party to the next and into the New Year? Why, just follow my 5ย last minute style tricks for the holiday party season, of course!

5 Last Minute Style Tricks for the Holiday Party Season

Skincare is queen

First of all, do some actual skincare! Makeup has come a looong way, but it’s still better to use it as an enhancer than as an all-concealing bandaid. So do your best to slap on a face mask once or twice a week, and moisturize religiously! All the late nights you’re pulling can cause skin irritation, rosacea or acne flare ups, so do your best to help your skin topically.

And while you’re at it, surprise your liver with some water this season! There’s truly no quick fix that can substitute fruits, veggies, quality sleep and plenty of water. So while you can keep partying like there’s no tomorrow, try to balance it out and avoid bingeing of any kind.

Skincare before the holiday season

Dress to impress

Secondly, choose a beautiful dress in a rich, sumptuous fabric (like velvet, taffeta or silk). This is your chance to go all out with a super glamorous dress if that’s what you’re into. And my perfect choice is a faux-wrap, midnight blue velvet dress (because duh, redhead!), that can seamlessly transition from the office Christmas party to an after-party with the girls. Plus, it kinda starts to match my under eye circles after a while!

5 Tips for Wearing Velvet.jpg

Glitz and glamour

And speaking of under eye circles, I have 4 words for you: makeup with a bling! A festive, glitzy look can always be taken to the next level by a touch of highlighter. Focus on your cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow, and add a little bit underneath your eyes. If they’re not puffy, highlighter will do wonders for them! Just add it over your color corrector, concealer and/or foundation, aand voila, a healthy glow in a tiny tube! If you can’t actually get enough sleep for now, just fake it til you make it (to your bed that is).

makeup with a bling holidays.jpg

Jewelry with a bling

Choose some stand out jewelry pieces (actual gems or costume pieces). Chandelier earrings, cuff bracelets, statement necklaces are all a go! You can get away with the simplest, comfiest, most basic outfit when your jewels are the stars of the show. Plus, nobody will have time to notice your tired face with your accessories blinding them!

holidays jewelry.jpg

These heels are made for sparkling

And in the end, grab yourself a fabulous pair of shoes. You know that shoes can make or break your outfit (and your will to live if they’re not comfy). So put on your best, most special dancing heels and take the city by storm! And don’t forget to read my guide on finding the perfectly beautiful AND comfortable heels right here. You know, in case you’re still shopping!

And with this my dears, I bid you farewell and an exciting season of bubbly parties ahead! I hope my little tongue in cheek guide will help you through all the wild nights of dancing and celebrating, so that you emerge happy and fresh (ish) beauties at the end. Oh, and if you have some tips for getting into your best shape for the holiday season, I can’t wait to hear them! Please leave them in the comments below.

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