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5 Hacks for Wearing Your Pajamas in Public

Ever woke up and wanted nothing more but to roll out of bed in your PJ’s and just go about your day? Well why not keep the silky, luxurious feel of your nightwear without having to sacrifice style for comfort?

While I wouldn’t advocate for wearing your actual pajamas outside your home, you can still replicate that chill and luxe vibe with silky robes, soft pajama tops or comfy pajama inspired pants. And if you’d like to dip your toe in this trend- which has been around for a while and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere- then just try my hacks below:

5 Hacks for Wearing Your Pajamas in Public

Break up the suit

This is the best way to ease yourself into wearing your pajama inspired clothes. A whole PJ-like suit can be a bit tougher to integrate into your daily look, especially if this is your first time trying the trend.

Instead try coupling a pair of printed, soft cotton pants with a T-shirt and stiletto sandals, or pairing a silky printed pajama blouseย with jeans and pumps. You will end up with a sleek, modern look, without seeming like you just fell out of bed and rushed into work late!

5 Hacks for Wearing Your Pajamas in Public

Heels are the way to goย 

And speaking of not looking like you just forgot to change out of your nightwear, heels will play a big part in wearing this trend. You may have noticed I mentioned stilettos and pumps- and for good reason.

Heels elevate a part-pajama outfit, and make it look intentional and stylish. And while flats have their place, this is one occasion where they can make you look frumpy. So make sure to grab a comfy pair of heels (yes, they do exist) and rock the PJ trend!

5 Hacks for Wearing Your Pajamas in Public

Pay extra attention to hair & makeup-ย In that same vein, try adding at least a swipe of mascara and a slick of lip colour to your look. Bedhead + no makeup + pajama inspired outfit = “Is she actually wearing her pajamas??” But just add a few tousled waves or a high bun and even minimal makeup, and you turn into a style maven.

Accessorize it with bold jewelry

Want to take your look a step further? Make sure you accessorize it with some glamorous jewelry and accessories. While a silky PJ blouse will be a stand out element in your outfit, adding some big, bold earrings or a cuff bracelet will give it extra oompf!

5 Hacks for Wearing Your Pajamas in Public

Wear the top as a soft blazer

You can also choose to keep your pajama top unbuttoned over a T-shirt, which gives it more of a thin blazer appearance. This is also a great little trick if you’re just starting to warm up to the pajamas-as-outerwear trend!


After reading my 5 hacks for wearing your pajamas in public, tell me: are you going to try this look? I’d love to hear what your results were and if you love the trend as much as I do!

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