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5 Fresh Trench Coat Style Tips Straight From a Fashion Editor’s Dream

I don’t know about you guys, but every spring I feel like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. It’s the perfect time to shed my thick, dark winter clothing, and start wearing those beautiful, fresh spring items.

And the perfect topper to almost any spring look? To me, it has to be a well-crafted trench coat!

You already know it’s in my top 5 for must-have spring coats and jackets. And it’s certainly an investment worthy classic. After all, a mid-length, classic trench coat looks just as at home over an elegant cocktail dress, as it does over a jeans & T-shirt combo.

Trench Coat Style.

But here’s the thing with a classic:

It sometimes needs a bit of spicing up. You need to turn it on its head every now and then, to elevate it and keep it from looking stale.

Which is exactly why today I want to share 5 trench coat style tips that will take your look from humdrum to tastemaker status!

From military strict to breezy chic

As you may know, trench coats were invented for use in the military. And for their purposes of staying dry and warm even in the trenches, it made sense to button up your coat to the top, and securely fasten the fabric cord around it like a belt.

But that can veer strict and stodgy quite quickly for a day to day look. So I’m showing you a very chic and easy fix that will turn the whole look more breezy and fashionable.

Pro tip: It’s something I actually picked up from a Burberry employee!

And I’ll also be showing you my own spin on it- you know, to give the look an even more personal touch. Let me know if you liked it, or if you would stop at the original trick!

Swap the belt altogether

Another great trick for taking your trench coat style from humdrum to head turner is completely swapping the cord with an actual belt.

My suggestion?

belt with trench coat

Go for a real showstopper if you’re wearing a neutral trench coat. The vintage, embellished belt I went with for example, is the perfect touch to an otherwise classic jacket!

If your trench coat has a more modern cut, or a louder colour, go for a sleek belt in a complementary shade. And if you’re stumped for choice, remember: metallic are always a good option.

Punk rock Brit pop

The trench coat has a decidedly British Heritage, what with Burberry and Aquascutum being its forefathers. And guess what else the UK is famous for giving the world? That’s right, punk rock!

So why not put two and two together for a more carefree, fun and liberated look?

Because here’s the thing:

rock'n roll trench coat style

If you want to bring an otherwise buttoned-down, dependable piece more down to earth, a healthy dose of anarchy is bang on! It will make you feel more comfortable, and your jacket less stiff.

So pop the collar, roll your sleeves up and rock that trench coat your way!

Layer your outerwear

Once you’ve taken your trench coat style next level by adding the belt, an extra step is to also incorporate a scarf in the look. For this purpose, you will do much better with a big, thick one- even a blanket scarf.

And no, you won’t be wrapping it the classic way!

Instead, drape the scarf on either side of your neck, as you would a shawl. Arrange it to be as narrow or wide as you want, but just make sure to slip it under the belt.

statement scarf trench coat

This way, the statement scarf will not drown your frame, the silhouette overall will still stay structured, and you will bring an extra element of interest to your look. Especially if you choose a scarf in a contrasting colour!

Fashion editor double coat

And last but not least, if you’re a regular on Pinterest or fashion magazine websites, you’ve probably noticed how a lot of the fashionable ladies are donning their coats.

You know what I mean:

trench coat and blazer look

Barely draped around their shoulders, as if the coats are just impossibly (and stylishly) floating around them.

Chic? Yes. Comfortable? Well, that’s all in the topper!

Which is why if you’ve wanted to give this look a try but didn’t know how to, a trench coat is your best bet. Classic gabardine ones have the structure -in both fabric and cut- to allow being draped over other jackets, without having to pull at them the whole day.

You already know I love this look. See my spring take on it in the video!

And these were my 5 tips for giving your trench coat style a face lift. I’m of course, curious to know if you have any tricks of your own- and let me know in the comments which one of mine was your favorite!

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And if you’re looking to up your trench coat game, I’ve listed a few great options for you below. Together with the accessories to help you elevate the look of course! These are affiliate links, so if you make a purchase off them, I will be getting a small commission.


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