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5 Fresh Halloween Costume Ideas + Halloween Look Tutorial

Yep folks, it’s that time of the year again- the countdown to Halloween has begun! Between spooky house parties, work do’s and club events, we’re scrambling to find that great, last minute costume.

Now I don’t know about you, but my Halloween costumes have to be OTT! I feel like this is the best time to release my inner Glamazon into the wild urban jungle!

And a perfect example of that?

This “20’s Flapper in Distress” look below:

20's Flapper Halloween Look

It started off as a way to get more use out of my second wedding dress. I wore this gorgeous 20’s inspired number for our first dance- but loved it too much to only wear once!

And since I’m such a lover of 20’s fashion, and of murder/mystery books set in that period…. Well, let’s just say this character simply jumped off the page and into my living room!

Want to see how I created the look? Just press play:

Now if you’re stumped on your Halloween costume (and my Roaring 20’s look didn’t do it for you), just keep on reading! I’ve got 5 fresh Halloween costume ideas you can try out:

*As a little disclaimer, please know that the widgets bellow contain affiliates- which means that if you buy something off them, I’ll get a small commission (at no cost to you, duh! This way, I can keep bringing you fun and inspiring looks here!

Rachel Chu/Araminta Lee/Astrid Leong – Crazy Rich Asians

If you’re looking for the hottest book to movie adaptation for this year, look no further! A movie about the lavish lives (and fashion) of Singapore’s Asian elite, Crazy Rich Asians will blow you away with the theatricals. Both in the characters’ relationships, and in their outfits.


And when it comes to looks, there are many that will certainly make movie history! Sure, Rachel’s blue Marchesa gown is the most iconic, by far. But let’s not forget about Araminta’s gold sequin jumpsuit, or Astrid’s uber-feminine, Hepburn-esque pink dress.

Bottom line?

There’s plenty of style inspo in Crazy Rich Asians to suit your tastes- whatever they veer towards.

Zélie- Children of Blood and Bone

I don’t know if you’ve read this amazing book- but if not, get on it, now! Children of Blood and Bone is a powerful fantasy read by Nigerian author Tomi Adeyemi, which focuses on Zélie Adebola, a Divîner girl.

Depicted as extremely brave but also unruly, she is on a quest to bring back the magic that was stolen from their land of Orïsha.

Fierce, witty, and the definition of black girl magic, Zélie will make you fall in love with her. Follow the maji girl’s journey, and bring her to life with white hair chalk or some one day hair dye- as a nod to her white coils.

Finish the look with gold and white battle-ready face paint, and don a warrior outfit. Maybe even complete the look with a staff, and let your fiery self come out into the light!

Stained Glass Face

The whole “glass skin” trend has undeniably taken over the beauty world this year. So why not flip one of the most popular beauty looks on its head, and turn your face into a work of art?

You can quite easily create a stained glass look for your face- or even your body, if you’re ambitious. All you need is a black crayon to clearly divide all of the differently coloured sections, and colourful eyeshadow!

Of course, a good primer and/or setting spray don’t hurt either. And don’t forget your lips- drench them in a matte, velvety lipstick- or create shards of colour for them too.

Carrie- The Carrie Diaries

Everyone knows Sex&The City by now, right?

But I feel like its prequel, The Carrie Diaries is every bit as fab! And just a tad less knows/ popular/ imitated. Which makes drawing inspiration from it for your Halloween look absolutely perfect!

I was inspired by Carrie’s quirky, colourful style, and put together an outfit based on her most iconic pieces. Pick a tutu skirt, a shimmering jacket and a pair of outrageous shoes, and you’re half way there.

Add a kinky curly updo, and some big, colourful plastic jewelry, and you’ll have 80’s fab splashed all over you!

A blogger/vlogger/influencer

My take on being a blogger?

It’s Work with a capital W. It’s work I absolutely LOVE, but also work that keeps me up at night, with a constantly wired brain. Any other bloggers out there who feel the same? (Hopefully??)

So for me, the whole blogger/ influencer look can be simply summed up as: 50% fab maven/ 50% coffee deprived, exhausted monster!

Just pack some sharp contour on half your face, make sure your hair’s done, nails on point, the works. And let the opposite half showcase the “other” you: greaseball hair, chipped nails & just some green concealer on your zits.

Complete the look with a pajama top (working round the clock after all), black cropped pants, vinyl boots and voila!  #instaready #bloggerlife #blessed

Written with a bit of tongue in cheek, but I do hope this post helped inspire you pick your Halloween costume. Whether you’re going for funny, scary, sexy- or plain “Had nothing else, and zero time to think”- have a terrifyingly awesome Halloween!

And let me know in the comments what you dressed up as!

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