5 Feminine, Comfortable Summer Dresses to Spend The Warm Days In

Does the quarantine life have you turning to your sweatshirts/ leggings/bathrobes about 90% of the time? Oh yeah, and let’s not forget super big, fluffy socks (because warm feet are life!)

Yup, I feel yah!

Quarantine wardrobe

And as much as I love lounging around in these items too, I am starting to miss my more tailored and detailed pieces. Some of which are 5 very pretty, very feminine and comfy dresses that I’d bought for this summer.

Now, these dresses haven’t seen the outside of my home for obvious reasons (which means I also haven’t ironed them either yet, sorry!)

But I wanted to share them here with you, in case you’re looking for some summer wardrobe inspiration, or just looking to relax and be entertained!

5 Dresses for summer 2020

Psst: If you like the dresses I’m showing you, and want to get one (or more) for yourself, I’ve listed them* in the widget at the bottom of the page. Please know that I will receive a small commission if you click on the dresses, which goes towards my creating for this blog 🙂 

*Where the dresses were one of a kind, I did my best to find similar versions, as much as possible.

Polka Dot Midi Wrap Dress

This first beauty is from &Other Stories, and it pretty much embodies my idea of a perfect sundress. Lightweight, breathable, and colourful- equal parts comfortable and beautiful.


Of course, I appreciate the cinched waist, thanks to the fabric belt, and the tiny button that provides extra hold to any wrap style dress.

And I absolutely love the thigh high slit (again, courtesy of the wrap cut), which gives you room to move around.

Like, you know, for that canal boating I was mentioning on my Instagram.

The only thing I would personally change is the neckline, which is a bit too low for me- but I can quickly solve that with a brooch.

Oh, and before I forget- this dress is now on sale; what more could you want?

Belted Midi Dress Purple

Another midi number, with a belted waist- shocked, I’m sure!

Also from &Other Stories, I chose this shirt dress thanks to its vibrant purple print, its flattering cut, and its sustainably sourced fabric. A triple whammy as far as I’m concerned. Summer shirtdress

And since I knew I could wear this item for years to come, at work or for a coffee with the girls, I had to have it!

Since the dress is buttoned all the way down, you have so much freedom in how you can wear it.

Which as far as I’m concerned, is the first requirement for any true wardrobe staple.

Want a more serious or modest look? Button it all the way up, and keep the midi length.

Not into the prim and proper style? Pop a couple of top buttons open, roll up those sleeves, and unbutton the skirt part as high up as you feel comfortable to.

Women’s Cotton Weave Picnic (Tank) Dress

Another dress worthy of the “wardrobe staple” status, the Cotton Weave Picnic Dress from Everlane is indeed perfect for a picnic, a beach holiday, a day of slowly exploring your city on foot or on your bike… and more!

Everlane is one of my favorite brands at the moment- both for their timeless items, and for their efforts of making fashion more ethical and sustainable.

picnic dress everlane review.

This dress is one of their best: midi, straight cut, but with an optional fabric belt, and with adjustable straps and dress length, thanks to the buttons it comes with.

You can dress it up with heels and an elegant purse, or down with espadrilles and a denim jacket, and it’s just as wonderful.

picnic dress everlane fashion blogger

Maxi Peach-Blush Embroidered Dress

Next up, a peach blush maxi dress I picked up from one of London’s markets.

You know, back when we could still travel safely!

I quickly fell in love with this dress’ flowery embroidery, its interesting standing collar, and its sweet, warm colour. Which I feel works amazingly with my own hair and eye colour.

elegant maxi beach dress

Just a quick tip here- if you’re also interested in learning which colours suit you in particular, have a quick look at my personal style course (or read more about it first, here).

Back to the dress:

It’s unsurprisingly another belted, button down dress- but can you blame me, when they are just so versatile?

This to me is the perfect maxi style to pack for a seaside holiday- both for walks on the beach, and for covering up and heading into town at the end of the day.

Embroidered maxi dress summer...

One thing I was really impressed about is the underside of the fabric, which is very soft and a bit slippery, kind of like satin. But it gives the dress a bit more coverage from underneath, so it’s not as see through as I was afraid it would be.

Retro 80’s Does 40’s Dress

And, having saved the absolute best for last…

Meet this 80’s does 40’s dress from Etsy!

80's does 40's retro dress

Its name says it all, as this piece brings 40’s style

(knee lengths, strong silhouettes, sharp collars, shoulder pads)

into the 80’s. Making this end-to-end retro creation quite special.

The fact that its measurements suit mine perfectly was the cherry on top-

so naturally it was click- add to basket (mm, maybe agonize for two days over the need for yet another dress)- and purchase!

And once it arrived, I could not be happier with it!

From the fabric, to the skirt shape and pleats, to the two buttons that highlight the waist, and just its overall appeal, I fell head over heels with this dress.

I find it elegant enough to wear as a guest to a day wedding for example, but still casual enough to be suitable for an evening drink at your favorite speak-easy.

I’m curious to hear which of these dresses caught your eye, and sparked your midsummer night dreams. Which one would you buy, if any?

Thanks for watching (and reading) so far, and if you liked this post, I hope you consider joining my Style Club, and coming back for more.

Take care, and stay safe until next time!


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