5 Fashion And Style Elements That Make You Stand Out in a Crowd
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5 Fashion And Style Elements That Make You Stand Out in a Crowd

 A couple of weeks ago, I was asked for a few of my fashion and style tips that would get you noticed in a crowd. And I have to say, I was taken aback a bit by the question- in the best possible way, that is!

Living in the city of Amsterdam- as much as I love it, and rave about it to anyone who will listen- tends to warp your view on fashion. Because very few women here will want to dress to impress. Being noticed always comes second to being comfortable. Blending in is always IN, while standing out is pretty much… well, OUT.

So it’s fair to say that in the past years, I’ve just become used to the idea that I will usually be the odd one out- literally. Tiny red-haired chick in heels, midi skirt blowing in the wind by her bike, getting a side look or two? Yup, that’s me, alright!

Now while I’m comfortable with this, I know that many other women are not. Which is why I appreciated seeing a young lady determined to boldly stand out even more! And I figured that where there is one, there are more- so why not turn this into a full blown article? Maybe it can reach and help/inspire/motivate others out there!


I was asked for my 2 cents on fashion and style tips to make you stand out in a crowd. I decided I’d give my 5 cents on the matter, and here we are:

5 ways your fashion and style can help you stand out.jpg

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Prints, patterns & motifs

A very easy and effective way to stand out in a crowd is by wearing prints. Many people shy away from them, instead preferring solid colours. Which means wearing even one pattern, however small or faint, will make an impression!

Want to try your hand at prints?

Start off with some tried and true ones: stripes, florals, polka dots, gingham– they’re virtually risk free! Choose them in hues you already love and know will flatter you, this will help you accept them more easily. And yes, dare to wear them even at the office!

Already a fan?

If you’re looking to step up your usual print game, I wrote a post on my favorite ways to mix and match them. They are just a few easily applicable guidelines, whether you’re just starting to mix prints, or an expert at it.

I’m curious to hear if you already knew these tips, and which ones you’ll be trying out!

Fashion And Style blogger Silvia Cosma

Bold colours

Another style element that can easily make you stand out is, of course, colour. The ability to use it to your advantage- especially in bold hues- will change your look in an instant. And it will make you memorable before you even utter a word!

But here’s the thing:

Strong colours are like spices- a little bit goes a long way. Throwing 10 vivid shades together in one outfit will not yield the best results. Visually, they will be competing with each other, which will make the whole composition look off balance.

Fashion And Style Elements

Instead, my recommendation is to start with one strong shade per outfit, if you’re just easing into them. You can use it as a pop in your accessories at first.

If you’re brave and style-savvy, you could allow it a larger part of your outfit, making a statement. Or you could even choose to mix it with a secondary colour, in a smaller proportion.

For example:

The cobalt blue midi skirt I opted for here provided enough of a visual impact on its own. Which is why I chose to keep the rest of the outfit simpler. A marinière sweater- with just a bit of a twist, thanks to the hearts- black tights and booties were all I added.

Well, ok… Not all! I’m sure you can very easily notice my earrings as well, which constitute my next point:

Strong accessory game

accessories to make you stand out

Accessorizing your outfit is a great way to make it shine! And no, not just because of the jewelry bling 🙂 But playing with accessories brings three extras to any look:

  1. A plus of texture
  2. An extra dose of colour
  3. A visual counter-point

Because indeed, you can choose to place accessories wherever you want to draw the eye!

In my case, I went with large earrings for two reasons. First of all, I didn’t want to crowd the outfit itself with accessories, as the visual element of the skirt was already strong.

And secondly, knowing that the cobalt blue was such a stand-out, I wanted to create a contrast. So I drew attention to my red hair with the earrings, thus allowing it to become the second chromatic focal point.

fashion to get you noticed

And finally, you can also look for clothes with built-in accessories.

This skirt for example, already came with a fabric belt. It’s an extra detail that was very popular in the 50’s, so it just made the skirt even more darling to me- you already know I’m a fan of vintage looks.

And if you’re not really big on jewelry or other accessories, this is the kind of effortless accent that still gives your outfit a little something-something.

Grooming- or lack thereof

This is a fashion and style aspect that can really get you noticed- usually for the worse!

A clean, ironed outfit that is not pilled, faded or frayed will most likely not jump at you for these reasons. But one missing these qualities?… Oh, you best bet that will draw attention.

And yes, caring for clothes is not fun. It’s often downright annoying. Repetitive. Boring. Trust me, I know- I didn’t use to iron my clothes for a long time, thinking that “Meh… it’s not that visible.”

Hint: it is!

how to stand out in a crowd

So, which are a few lazy, easily applicable tips?

  1. Shave your sweaters. Like I mentioned here, you can easily get rid of pillings with a razor. Or you can always buy a little de-pilling device.
  2. Buy a steamer. Again, their importance can’t be overstated, especially if you hate ironing (anyone else??) My favorite is here– almost a year in and still in love!
  3. Do some outfit building in advance. Another tip I mentioned before, this will allow you to notice any last minute stains or tears that could ruin your look.

Your confidence in your outfit

I kept this one for last- but to be honest, it’s the most important. The moment you’re not comfortable in your outfit, it will show.

Slumped shoulders, darting eyes, involuntary gestures trying to hide certain parts you feel are on display, a sense of unease… Sound familiar? They’re all clues you’re not loving what you’re wearing!

But the great news is:

Fashion And Style

When what you’re wearing is in perfect alignment with how you’re feeling, with the image you want to project, with your sense of style… That’s when the magic happens!

An outfit that you’re feeling confident in will always make you stand out. You will walk taller, strut boldly, smile wider, and generally be more comfortable in your own skin. That is what I love about getting to know, and owning your personal style: it brings forth confidence, and it allows you to really express yourself!

And I hope with this I have convinced you that truly, the best thing you can do to be noticed is have confidence in yourself. Fashion and style hacks are really great- but they will only reach their true potential if they’re laid over a foundation of self-love and poise.


Photos by Natalia Bylok

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