5 Easy Ways to Use Pinterest for Style Inspiration


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and probably even then), you’ve heard about Pinterest. A space all of your own, just waiting for you to pin your dreams of pretty home décor, outfits, DIYs or delicious cuisine to online boards. A maze of beautiful images leading you to interesting articles, blog posts, videos and online tools.

But between saving yummy cronut recipes and trying your hand at DIY flower wreaths, let’s not overlook one area where Pinterest can be a great aid- finding your style! Here are 5 wasy ways to use Pinterest for style inspiration:

How do you want your style to be described?

When looking for style inspiration, think first of how you would like your style to be described. Do you want to progress more towards looking colourful, girly, feminine, more towards biker-chic, rock-boho edgy? Or perhaps towards classic, polished, timeless and elegant?

All these key words will help you navigate Pinterest so you can quickly arrive at the items that interest you.  At the same time, it might give you a sense of direction as well. Searching by keywords will show you how differently people can describe the same outfit.

Someone’s girly might be another one’s classic. And edgy for one person could be just fashionable for the next! Having a wider palette to choose from, and a broader understanding of certain style-related terms will also help you classify and describe your own style more accurately.


Find your style icons

Search for actresses, bloggers or style icons that you admire and who have features similar to yours. This is the quickest way to find some style inspiration sources without building unrealistic expectations of how a certain outfit will look on you.

You may enjoy Blake Lively’s ensembles for example. But if you’re a short, plump brunette, the cuts, designs and colours will look different on you. They won’t necessarily look bad, but they will look different.

Now this in no way means there’s something wrong with your silhouette or appearance, it just means that specific set of clothes is made for a different type of person. You need to find the clothes that make you look and feel fabulous, that accent your best features and have you grinning widely every time you put them on.

After you identify women with your type of silhouette, hair colour and proportions, it’s time to sift through their different styles. And once you’ve found the ones who seem to love the same type of clothes that you do, then you’ve struck gold! Start pinning and then look for similar pieces that fall within your budget to complete your wardrobe.

Define boards for every season

This way, you’re never caught unprepared. Don’t you just hate seeing a cute jacket in the summer, and then by the time fall comes around you forgot where you saw it? Why not save each item per season as you go, and then you can have a little library prepared?

Plus, this will also help you define your needs ahead of time. You will form some goals as to where your style is going for the next season. So you will be better prepared for it and for the end-of-current-season sales!

No more mindless piling on clothes in the Sales aisle just because they’re cheap. When you know exactly what you need and want, it’s a lot easier to spot those perfect pieces. This way, you’ll add value to your existing wardrobe, not clutter it.



Pin pieces, not just outfits

And don’t limit yourself to just pinning existing outfits, try your hand at putting outfits together yourself. Let’s take wedding season for example. Search for a good dress, jumpsuit, or an embellished top to pair with palazzo pants, search for the heels of your dreams, then move on to accessories and clutches.

Step by step, add to or delete from your outfit board. It’s just like taking everything out of your closet and trying to pair them together. But, you know, without the mess and annoyance.

You will be able to put a virtual outfit together and then shop for it, or for similar items. In time, you’ll also be able to recognize which cuts and colours work best for you. So it will become easier and faster to pick that perfect outfit for any occasion.


Pin your own pics

You can also upload your own pics directly from your computer into a board to keep track of favorite outfits. This way, you will gain a more objective perspective of how certain clothes fall, how certain colours look on you or paired together.

Taking pictures of daily outfits helps you see yourself as others see you, from an external perspective. Plus, cameras give you a more realistic image of yourself than mirrors, which can distort proportions.

Then just upload pictures of your outfits- or even only of your items sorted by category- clothes, accessories, bags shoes. And you will end up with a sort of virtual closet, that you keep handy. This way you don’t forget what you own, you can come up with more creative and diverse outfits, and you gain a better understanding of how certain styles actually look on you.


Right my loves, I hope you enjoyed my article and as usual, I hope it was useful to you. Let me know in the comments below how you use Pinterest and if it’s helped you at all on your style journey. And have a wonderful rest of the week!

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